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Jay Schroeder

Jay Shroeder trained a guy named Adam Archuleta. Adam is 211pounds, 6feet tall. Here’s something from an article I found.

"What impresses Schroeder about Archuleta?s ability to bench-press 530 pounds is not the sheer mass being moved, but that it is moved in 1.09 seconds. Force on the football field is the product of mass and acceleration. Traditional weightlifting programs concentrate on moving mass regardless of how much an athlete struggles to perform the lift.

Schroeder emphasizes performing lifts quickly, which increases the amount of force produced and has turned Archuleta into a havoc-wreaking machine on the football field.

When Archuleta began the Evo-Sport program, he benched 265 pounds in 2.76 seconds in the concentric or ascending phase of the lift. He squatted 273 in 3.47 seconds, ran the 40 in 4.79-4.81 and had a 26-inch vertical jump. Today, his personal best in the bench press is 530 pounds in 1.09 seconds and in the squat, 663 pounds in 1.24 seconds. At an individual workout for NFL scouts, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.37 seconds and jumped 39 inches vertically."

This is also on the article

“A typical chest workout for Archuleta involves 100-300 repetitions with weight varying between 225 and 275 pounds. Schroeder gives Archuleta a set number to perform, and he must perform the concentric phase of each lift in less than a quarter of a second. If he doesn?t explode fast enough, the repetition does not count toward the prescribed goal for that day. For every 15 reps he completes, he has to do one to three supermaximal reps from 500 to 600 pounds on his own.”

It says he also may train the train 12-15 times a week. Does anyone have information about his training programs, I read stuff on elitefts. and James Smith said his stuff is very hard to find and such. Practically nothing of his stuff is set out to the public, he’s secretive.
And to what was said above “Traditional weightlifting programs concentrate on moving mass…”
This is true, and this also makes me not wanna train with like 3-4 sets of 8-12. If I lifted it fast (concentrically) for every rep would that give me any benefit?. I know westside uses dymanic effort and all but look how much Jay uses it and trains with it. At westide you only do it for 8 sets of 3 or so. This is all very very confusing to me if you guys want the full article this is it http://archive.profootballweekly.com/content/archives2001/features_2001/nawrocki_061901.asp

I dont know, just if anyone has thoughts or something on this type of training, with so many reps and all. Would CT’s Power Continuum basically help too with developing such explosive power and all. I really want to develop explosive power and I know you need a solid base of max strength and all. But yeah anyone send a thought or something if you have any of Jay’s training methods or could help me out with developing explosiveness