Jay Schroeder and Sprints

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Does anybody know what Jay Schroeder prescribes in the form of sprint training, since his athletes get some very good 40 yard times. Any examples/ use of EDI, etc would be helpful too.


Jay’s athlete’s get extraordinary times in not only just the 40 but reactionary tests. To answer this you have to understand the entire concepts of his extraordinary training programs as it goes far beyond the normal realm of distances and so forth.

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Coach Davies

Jay’s athletes don’t do any sprint work at all.

Thank you for the replies.

John (Clark), I am suprised to hear that since after viewing the Adam Archulea combine footage, he certainly had good sprint technique. Also, a good 40 time cannot be without good start technique which must be extensively drilled.

What about lower intensity work in the form of circuits/bodybilding or otherwise, does Jay work these into the mix?

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John- I don’t know if you would say that, but from what I know he doesn’t do much (running or sprint work). I’ve heard Jay believes that most (or all) of the work done with athletes can be done in the gym versus on a track (running and sprinting)and still get extraordinary results in strength and speed and power. Jay is sort of a mystery, he doesn’t write articles like a lot of other coaches do, so his methods are sort of secret. The only thing I know is that what he did with Adam Archuleta was unbelievable. I know Coach Davies and Jay had a seminar down in AZ, but I couldn’t make it. Would have really liked to go.

Again, I’m not totally sure about the stuff since Jay doesn’t really throw his stuff out there.

Nomojo-Adam probably worked on his 40 technique, but since working on 40 technique wouldn’t make him a better football player, he probably only did it for the combine, because after the combine your 40 time doesn’t mean a thing.

Unfortunately what you hear of Jay’s work is basically rumor and second-hand accounts at best of what people “believe” he is doing. I know those attended our clinic found it very eye-opening.

In faith,

Coach Davies

If you want a source for this type training I would suggest you go to:
This is a site run by DB Hammer. They both use the same system (from what I have heard) but DB is way more personable. His consultation is free for the most part compared to Schroeder who will charge you an arm and a leg. DB also has some great articles as well as a good book. I have been using these methods for about 4 weeks now been have increased my bench 30 lbs and dropped my 10 yd dash from a 1.5 to a 1.4 as well as other things. I would suggest you take a look at his site. You won’t find any useful knowledge coming from Schroedor unless your willing to fork out major dough.

there would be a hell of a lot less speculation if he wasnt so secretive about his methods.

DB Hammer’s methods are a bit different from Schroeder’s. For starters, DB only has you train once every 4 days. He also doesn’t believe in accenutated eccentrics.

I understand that the specifics are not exactly the same but the methods are similar (from what I have read). That is why I really don’t care if Schroedor reveals his work. I think one of the reasons why DB has started revealing all this to the public is that he is sick of Schroedor trying to make a killing off of ideas that he did not even formulate. Of course this is only my opinion:)

Also forgot, it’s not really 1 workout every 4 days. The workout schedule is one of the many variables that is determined by the athletes rate of recooperation/super compensation.

All I know is he turned Adam Archuleta from a 172 pound high school safety who ran a 4.9 to start out and turned him into a 215 pound block of ice who runs close to a 4.3 now.

Coach Davies is right though, his training methods are way too complex to really even talk about.

No training concepts are too complex… most of CT’s and King’s and Simmon’s and DB Hammer’s and Poliquin’s , etc, etc ,etc, stuff is found in Supertraining or Bompa’s or Weinick’s or Zatsiorski’s books…

It’s just that you have to understand how to apply what you read…

Like Coach Davies said, the clinic opened many eyes…

Unfortunately, Jay has a view very different from most coaches here. The spirit behind T-Mag is to supply the best knowledge to the most people to improve all athletes… not just your own.

Guys like Tate and CT and King and Waterbury have given away tons of information free to the readers here.

Jay does not give his stuff away for free… only his athletes are priviledged enough to receive his knowledge.

I am not sure whether I agree or disagree with the way Jay operates. My actions and motivation are just different… I train for the kids…all kids…Jay trains for his kids only… and the money. I figure I get enough Doctor’s wives at $65 per hour during the mid-day to supplement my rates for groups of athletes during the after school hours… Jay doesn’t.

He had an athlete for 5 years straight as a trainer… Adam’s transformation was great… but do you know many trainers who ever get to train a motivated athlete for 5 years…? I don’t know one save for the masses of bakers who have S&C jobs in colleges. (Bakers use cookie cutter programs.)

I am in no way belittling what Jay did…Adam is a stud…

But Jay’s contribution here doesn’t exist…

Am I calling Jay out…nope… just explaining what I see. Maybe I am wrong…but words won’t ever prove me wrong, nor will insults. Only a change of action on Jay’s part will make me incorrect here.

Hell, if I had the money, I would intern under him… I 'm sure his knowledge base is amazing… but, I would just turn around and post everything I learned… as I am a teacher and a coach. He probably wouldn’t like that too much.

I just don’t spell coach with a “$” in it.

Support those who support the site… enough said.

his methods are “way too complex to talk about”?

Come on, people are capable of talking about nuclear physics and chaos theory, but not about how Schroeder has his football players lift? It’s pretty insulting to my intelligence (and I’m sure to that of others on this forum) to imply that I wouldn’t be able to understand Schroeder’s stuff.

If Schroeder is anything like DBHammer (and CT, for one, thinks they’re the same person) he creates his own terms for muscle actions and performance characteristics, needlessly (deliberately?) confusing those to whom he describes his methods. Once you get around the jargon, the methods aren’t that complicated.

John thats not true…

DB does like accentuated eccentrics… he likes weight releasers … he calls them overload pliometrics… meaning overloaded negatives which is just another way of saying accentuated eccentrics…

also… if your capacity integer is high enough he DEFINETLY can have you train every day…

just say you get 28 sets before drop off you would arrange it like this
Day 1: 10 sets
Day 2: 6 sets
Day 3: 8 sets
Day 4: 4 sets

umm just to stir the pot its worth noting that… Christian T has even hypothesized that DB and Jay are the same person for several reasons…

I too think DB and JS are the same … or at least very closely related

… or maybe CT is DB?

Hey T-mag - I guess there’s no chance you could get (or want) the one and only DB Hammer to post an old article for us is there?

sliverback… a couple of people that ive spoken to reckon that they phoned Jay and that he had lengthy conversations with them for free…

one of the authors at strengthcats is one…

cant think of the others…

im not disagreeing with you though… in general… i agree!!! :slight_smile:

I thought that DB said accentuated eccentrics are no good because they teach you to hinder instead of explode. But you could be right, it’s been a while.
And yes, Schroeder’s methods are NOT too complex for him to share. Any system seems complex when you don’t know the ideas behind it. Westside Barbell would look like German to you if Louiw and Dave wouldn’t be so kind as to explain how it works.