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Jay Schroeder/Adam Archuleta


Anyone know where more information on Jay Schroeder's training protocols can be found? I haven't found much on the net, other than a few articles that seem to have been based off of a single interview/write-up, like this:


He seems to employ a mix of plyometrics/Westside-style dynamic training -- and if Adam Archuleta's progress is to be believed, he knows what in the hell he's talking about.

Thanks in advance for any additional info!



There's a DVD chronicling Adam Archuleta's workout called Freak of Training. I've never watched it myself so I'm not sure if it's like an instructional workout video.

I remember ESPN did a bit on Archuleta and Todd Heap working out together with Schroeder. They were doing quite a bit of ploymetric/explosion type of movements with weights.


Thanks for the lead. I remember seeing a short bit of that ESPN segment some time back ~ I'd like to find it so that I can see it in its entirety. Anyway, I found and ordered the dvd. I wonder why Shroeder hasn't published anything outlining his methods??

Also, I wonder what the trainers on this site think of his methods. Whatever his methods, they sure seem to have worked for AA. A helluva story and a helluva player. And, like many of us here, a typical "wood" personality according to C. Poliquin's type divisions.

Thanks again for the dvd info,


Freak of Training is an interesting DVD, but doesn't explain his system at all.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Schroeder and I think a lot of it has to do with the "crazy" methods he employs. I really don't think his system is that crazy, kind of similar to Inno-Sport (if you are familiar with them) in a lot of ways. I know Jay is very big on recovery techniques, he uses methods such vibrational massage in between sets.

I believe the core of his system revolves around using isometrics to increase stretch-range strength (which correlates well to full-range strength) and using a lot of rapid-eccentric or plyometrics drills. He's big on force absorbtion stuff such as depth landings for lowerr body (in a squat position) or upper body (in a push-up position) and various derivatives.

Check out Inno-Sport if you haven't yet if you are interested in this style of training- it's NOTHING like Westside!


I have the video; although I recommend it, it won't allow you to formulate a program - it leaves too many questions. It's basically just a teaser but it will expose you to some different and interesting movements.


I believe Terrell Suggs started to work out with Schroeder a few years ago as well.

ESPN Magazine also did a story on Archuleta a few years ago and I think they said he can bench around 530lbs. Pretty freaking good for a guy that size. I think he was injured some part of last season and lost some of his size. Hopefully, he's 100% this year b/c he's a pretty hard working player on the field.



I got more out of becoming a better athlete since I read Charlie Francis's materials rather than any of the inno-sport stuff.


This article in the Washington Post is pretty interesting on Archuleta and his training with Jay Schroeder.


Probably the best article on Archuleta I can find...

530 lbs bench in 1.09 seconds weighing 230 is pretty amazing.

That is some SERIOUS power



"Jay told me right away that he's not trying to make me Superman in my senior year of high school," Archuleta said. "He said, 'This is my goal, this is my vision for you, and it's all going to really start happening when you're 23, 24 years old."

I think that's the biggest thing that people miss when they look at guys like that- the progression. He didn't start off doing pushup drops from 10 feet in the air, there's a progression to things and everything is cumulative. That's one of the things I don't like about the Freak of Training DVD- it's more of a showcase for Archuleta than anythign really instructional.


Anybody have a sample football program using the techniques employed by Schroeder? Doesn't he also train Hamilton Chandler's football team? That is the kind of stuff I am looking for.