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Jay- Power to Weight Ratio Increase

Looking to increase my power to weight ratio. To do this I am looking to decrease my bodyfat by approximately 4% and increase my strength in a variety of areas. I earlier tested my 1 rep maxes in a variety of exercises as can be seen below.

Bench press 90kg
Clean and Press 75kg
Squat 160kg
Deadlift 160kg

I also managed 21 full rep chinups and 21 full rep pullups.

Good luck man. What is your height,weight and BF levels right now?

Thanks buddy! I’m 5,10 around 74kg with a bodyfat at around 14% I believe, though I am not 100% sure on the bodyfat as I havent had access to anything that helps me measure it recently.

First session was a quick arm session following this mornings one rep max attempts.

Curls-4x10 reps 40kg
Extensions-4x10 45kg
Cable Curl-Reverse pyraminds starting 17.5 per arm
Close grip bench press 4x4 @ 80kg

As I said just a light session to keep things ticking over after a pretty hard week on the weights.

Today I plan on hitting just one chest session probably this afternoon. I believe I am going to go for 5 sets of 20reps@60kg on the bench press immediately followed by 10 reps at incline with 50kg aswell as this I plan to throw in some flys and decline presses. I am also down to throw in some ab work so maybe some weighted crunches, rollouts and woodchops.

This afternoon I plan on programming the next few weeks training with the view of having a week off of training over xmas.

My last weeks training log-

Monday- Midday, 1km run @ 16km/h 150 wallball slams, 100 medicine ball slams, 50 burpee deadlifts on medball.

Evening- 100 weighted pullups, 20@ 20kg, 20 @15kg, 30@10kg, 30@5kg
100 weighted pressups 10@40kg, 60@ 30kg, 30@20kg
50 weighted dips@15kg
50 weighted chinups@ 10kg

Tuesday- AM Troop bodyweight circuit 3rounds of two minutes for 12exercises
Midday- 400metres 50 situps 50 leg raises x5
Evening- Arnie press 4x10 @ 18kg per arm
Side raises(cable) 4x10 7.5kg per arm
Front raises 4x10 20kg bar
Bent over front raises 4x10 18kg per arm
Wednesday- Midday 800 metres 21 kettlebell swings, 12 pullupsx5
Evening- Bench press 4x4@85kg
Incline bench 4x10 @ 32kg per arm
Decline@ 22per arm
Flys 4x10 18per arm
Cable flys 4x10 17.5per arm
Thursday- Deadlifts 4x4 starting at 100 finishing at 150
Clean and press 4x4@ 65kg
Bench Press 4x4 @ 85kg
Leg Press 4x6 @ 230kg
Weighted chins 4x4 @ 20kg

Have been away with work so havn’t had time to update the log will do so later on today once i get my gym book!

Sorry guys have been distracted with being at home so havent had the time to update this so I’ll pick up where I left off.

Weds- Was a troop fitness session which involved 12 exercises using a upper body, abs, leg order each exercise was to be completed for 2minutes for the 1st round, 1 minute for the second and then 1minute 30 for the third.
The session completed in the middle of the day was crossfits “big fat angie” this included 800 metres of running and 21 kettlebell swings with 44ibs and 12 pullups for 5 rounds.
The evening session was predominantly shoulders
Arnie press 3x10 @ 18kg
Side raises(cable) 3x10@ 10kg
Front raises (barbell) 3x10 @ 25kg
Bent over raises 3x10 @8kg

Since the last work out posted I came back home for a few weeks and was basically cracking the same session every two days more to maintain phys whilst chilling it out alot in order to recover which will allow me to crank it back up again when I get back to work. The session I have been cracking is as follows

Warm up- 1km run
1x max pullups (usually between 24-26)
3x6 Weighted pullups(20kg)
4x6 Bench press 85kg
3x10 Arnie press 18kg
3x6 squats/deadlift(alternating every session) 140kg
3x10 Bicep Curl 18kg
3x10 cable pushdown 18kg

This is the basic layout of the programme it did differ slightly each time but as I say the emphasis was more on just keeping myself moving I wasn’t really looking to improve over the xmas period. I have a new programme written out for the next months training which will follow.

Hey man, how’s the bodyfat dropping? What kind of nutrition plan do you follow?

Hey man haven’t tested the body fat yet going to get it tested at the weekend. Over the xmas period I haven’t done anywhere near as much training as I would do at work. I am back to work next week where the gym is free and the equipment is much better. Nutritionally I try to cycle my carbs, basically only taking on any carbs before exercise though again this depends on what sessions I am doing.

Upto now the training I have done has not been too specific to my goal mainly due to me moving locations and not having access to a gym. I am back to work Monday and ready to get back on track. My main focus is going to be my vertical jump and 40yard dash as I feel this is where I am weakest.

Upper body wise I am looking more at increasing my strength to weight ratio as opposed to power, so I am going to be looking at increasing things such as my weighted pullups, bench press overhead press etc. The outline below is for a 3 week programme that will follow a week experimenting with weights, times, testing vertical jumps etc.

Frequency- Luckily I will have the ability to train 2-3 times a day, one of the sessions will be compulsary fitness with work and therefore I will have little say in what is done meaning I am looking at completing around 10 sessions a week that I have planned myself and a further 5 sessions that are compulsary fitness sessions with work.

Emphasis- As previously stated I am looking mainly at increasing my power to weight ratio in my lower body mainly in a higher vertical jump and quicker 40yard dash aswell as this I will be aiming to increase my strength to weight ratio in my upper body.

To hit this effectively I am going to complete a body part split training programme in order to increase my power and strength aswell as including circuits and HIIT training in order to reduce my bodyfat.

The actual specifics I am going to use I will work on and publish at a later date!

Havent posted as havent had internet at work,

Tuesday-AM 6mile fartlek run
PM Bench press- 4x4 @90kg
2x5 @ 60 (reverse grip)
Pullups (rings) 10 @BW 6@10kg 4@20kg 2@30kg
Shoulder Press 5x5 @ 40kg bar
Weighted crunches 4x15@ 15kg
Bicep curl 21’s@ 40kg

Weds- 20station circuit upper body, trunk,legs circuit with 60metre sprint between stations.
Thurs-1 rep max test Bench press 95kg
Deadlift-155kg-I seem to have dropped 5 kg off of my one rep max here so more work needs to be done in this area.
Vertical jump 16"
Friday- 10 cleans @60kg
8 glute hip thrusts @60kg
20 legpress@ 150kg
10 jump squats@24kg
20 kettlebell snatches@16kg
10 jump lunges
8 goblet squats@ 24kg
20 kettlebell swings @20kg

Friday eve session- 50 pullups
100 pressups
200 situps
300 squats
Foam roller work

This mornings session was a circuit taken by one of the lads as a competition.

500 metres row
50 shoulder press 20kg bar
40 stepups to a box just over knee height
50 burpees
50 upright rows
800 metre run
40 bench press 50kg

This took me 15.09 minutes

Also did another session yesterday evening more to loosen off for a rest day today. Was 30minutes interval training on the spin bike. 5x5 depth jumps, 5x5 pullups, 5x5 bicep curls @16kg. I plan on completing a 4mile run carrying 15ibs in the morning.

This mornings workout was a simple four miler carrying 21 pounds taking 30minutes followed by 3 200 metre hill sprints

This evenings session;

lat pulldown 3x10@120kg
bent over db row 3x10@38kg
weighted dips 3x10@20kg
bent over barbell row 3x10 @60kg
tricep extension overhead db @30kg 3x10
upright row 3x10@ 40kg

This mornings training was harder than normal

150 sledgehammer swings
60 log flips
100 spartan tyre flips
60 10metre farmers walks (50kg)
60 10metre baby carrys with a log

This evening was a chilled out core session and stretch off

May I suggest getting some heavy squats,deadlifts and bench presses into your program? WSFSB should work great in you case (increasing relative strength), and even 5x5 I believe would be a good choice.