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Jay Cutler's Superfan!


This kid, Trevor, goes to all his contests and follows him around regularly. Who says li'l Trev will be on the juice by the time he's 15? I, for one, do.


Well, Trevor's mellon is already looking a little big for his body, thick waist.... pearly whites... -lol.

Honestly, except for the whole 'drug issue' thing (which I'm not going to get into), he could have worse role models. I know people bitch about how boring Jay is, but he's always struck me as a decent hard working guy. If anything, he's someone who found his interest and doggedly pursued the hell out of it. I just wonder how the kid's parents feel considering the whole steroid-issue.



Actually I'm sure Jay would have to decency to advise the kid against it and would probably rather help him out properly.


Which do you think the kid is going to follow? His actions or his words?


x2 to what Stu said.

Jay gets crap from a lot of people for his boring-ass personality, but I've watched (I think) all of his DVDs and he DOES come across as a nice enough, hardworking guy. That's one of the reasons I like him over other lifters who (I feel) have better physiques.


Plus, he sells "Hata Blockas Sunglasses" on his site - you know, because "When you are on top people want to bring you down, block out the non-believers with the HATA BLOCKAS! Don't let the negativity bring you down."

Official sunglasses of Mr. Olympia.


I have and watched all his dvds. Pretty good, similar to Ronnie's.


What's that woman doing behind Jay?


Applying oil?


She looks old enough to be Jay's mom.



She looks kind of naked too...


I think she may be taking Jay's temperature.



She's getting his "wedge" out.

Mom- "Oh Jay honey your wedge is happening again!"

Jay- "Okay sorry mom while I pose with this kid get it out, might be a rose bud in there watch it"


A better question is what's that guy in the Texas shirt doing in the background?


jerkin it...


Jay is king. Always gets me pumped for the gym. Just seems like a simple, down to earth guy.


As I've gathered, the kid is 10 years old. How much longer before he starts hitting puberty hard, only to discover that he's not growing up to follow Jay Cutler's footsteps? At that period, all of us felt confused with our self image. All sorts of shit start growing, you feel awkward, it's a hell of a time. Meanwhile, Trevor has a mountain of a man to look up to. He's already emulating his hairstyle and poses very well...