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Jay Cutler's New Haircut


He will be unstoppable.


Yeah...that haircut was probably the missing link last year.




He's looking so brotastic.




fuckin' skanks don't stand a chance broski.


Yeah, but didja see how sucked in his face was?! He almost had striations in the side of his neck when he was talking at the conference.... gonna be a real battle.



Did anyone else think he looked like one of those penguins around the 10-11 second mark?


Another Mr. Olympia cheif.


He's gonna whoop some ass!


With the improvements he seems to have made (no, not the hairstyle, waist etc), he might actually deserve to win.


It looks like he finally lost a fight, and that the winner might have been a pair of clippers. Doesn't mean anything, the dude is still a beyond human, he could rock a reverse mohawk for all I care.


how does one go about decreasing their waist size from one contest to the next anayways? I saw the pics on the olympia thread, there was a noticeable difference.


There are very dark, grainy photos of cutler doing a front lat spread floating around. There IS a noticeable difference in his waist size in those pics and he was at least 10 weeks out at that point.

As far as decreasing waist size goes losing a few pounds is usually the first step to a smaller waist.


yeah those weren't the best pics but still. So I guess he's just coming in lighter this year?


Is it just me or does that cut resemble this...


He also completely changed the way he has trained during the offseason this year. He started working with Hany Rambod, the same guy who trains Heath. Scale weight is just part of the equation, a particularly minor part too IMO when guys are at that level of development.


Awesome haircut, but i wonder if the new haircut might actually detract from his physique. All these years, we were used to seeing cutler with a certain style, i wonder if the judges focus might be distracted looking at the hair instead of the body.


For some reason i thought this would be about that big pussy that plays for the Chicago Bears.


Change in insulin protocols as well, perhaps? Dunno... Not really my area of expertise.

Hey, if he can do it... What about Ronnie? :slightly_smiling: