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Jay Cutler Video


I watch this over and over again! I think its awesome and I was wonder if any other T-Nation members like it too?
I am thinking about buying the DVD's Too


video of a man who is by far the best natural bodybuilder. his physique is almost where ronnie's is and he's never even touched muscle enhancing drugs.


I got a good laugh outta that!
you made my day !!




It's so funny how people constantly bitch about the squat machine, using momentum in curls and bent-over rows, blah blah blah, and this guy does all of those and has one of the most impressive physiques in bodybuilding.


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Thank you


I wouldnt say hes never touch performance enhancing drugs, but it still is incredibly impressive.

For someone who can incline press 400 lbs, I'd imagine he'd be able to deadlift more than 315.


It's hard to look at a clip of someones routine and judge it. He is doing stiff legged deads with 315, but we have no idea what he was doing before that. It could be the last set of a drop set, a set of 100 reps, pre-fatigue method, post-fatigue method, etc. You can't really judge a person by a few seconds yanked out of context.

And for he that says Cutler doesnt use drugs, you must be on some yourself.

The video was quite cool.



what do you mean? shouldn't every natural weight lifter and bodybuilder be able to attain an immense size like these on stage behemoths do?


nobody wants that pos... besides, I just got some ocean front property in arizona, I bought that and threw the golden gate in for free!


Ass. Haha.


Bah its all drugs and genetics EVERYONE knows that!


People around here pretty much bitch about everything.

But if you take a look at the Cutler video he is using every available machine that there is.

Like I have been saying: It's all good!

Could we please drop the:

"machines are baaaaaaaad..." comments?


I see we have a George Straight fan.


That's why he'll never beat Ronnie untill Ronnie retires.


Yea...it must be tough to be the second best built man in the world....



Third if you count Bruce Lee :slight_smile:


there is no way he is natural...is he? got proof-seriously not being an ass


you may not be an ass...but you're certainly naive...