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Jay Cutler to Play in NFL


I was just watching ESPN and was quite awestruck to learn that Jay Cutler is expected to be drafted by an NFL team. I guess he got tired of losing to Ronnie.

It will be interesting to see how his pysique declines, as I assume he will have to come off of any "substances" that he might currently be on.


Haha, sorry to burst your bubble, but it's a different guy with the same name.


I'm pretty sure it is not the bodybuilder but this guy:


haha he wont play for long he will be too worried about overtraining during the season


Dude, PLEASE tell me you are joking.....They are talking about Jay Cutler QB for Vanderbilt.

If you were joking


Man if he wasn't joking I'm scared. Really, really scared...


This might be my all-time favorite T-Nation thread...


I hear Drew Coleman's close friends call him "Ronnie."


Jay and Ronnie in the NFL, who'da thunk?


Jay Cutler, lol. What position will he play. It didn't sound like he was joking. That is the funniest shit I've heard in awhile. I'm LMFAO. Jay Cutler in the NFL. Top 10 pick, lol. What NFL team in their right mind would draft him in the top 10


yeah, and Michael Jackson played receiver for the Browns, and our very own Dan Fouts was a pro bowl quarterback.

Good thing nobody has the same name as anybody else, or it could get really confusing...


All I can say is WOW! This and the growing weed thread, I'm glad I logged on today. Are you guys brothers, and smoking all that damn weed? Jay Cutler in the NFL, LMFAO still.


You are a retard




After I read and reread your post, thinking someone can't be this much of a tard. I believe it.

I would've gave anything to see when you were watching ESPN and you saw the name Jay Cutler come up and your eyes light up and thinking Jay Cutlers going to be in the NFL. Then you race to your computer to tell us about it.

Priceless my friend, priceless.


Wow is right. I'm curious what position cutler would play. Kicker perhaps? Maybe QB? He's a big guy but there is no way he would be line o or d. Running back. Because he can definitely squat or deadlift the people piling on him off. And im sure he can row the ball out of the strongest grip.

All I can say is damn I hope the skins get him. =D


I'm interested in how his game day nutrition will shape up. He could sip on a carb and protein drink. They would have to specially label his water bottle that is brought in during timeouts and such, so that he would be getting the C+P drink as oppossed to just regular Gatorade.

But you would think he would have to get some solid food in somewhere in the 3-4 hour window that constitutes a game, I guess a halftime meal would be an option.


This is what i needed to make my day.I should go sell that bridge that i just got??????????


I can tell we have some real attentive college football and NFL fans here...


Joe Klopfenstein is the 5th rated TE

John Torp #2 rated Punter

Fullback #2 is Lawrence Vickers

all of which are from the University of Colorado

     I can't wait for college football to start up!


Don't forget about Iwuh, Akarika Dawn, Vaka Manapuna, and Bloom, sweet cheeks