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Jay Cutler Spent 50k on Food in 1yr


I just read an interview Cutler gave. In it he stated adding up his credit card bills for food alone totaled 50,000 one year. That didn't include his stops at resturants either.

I'm on my phone so I can't post the link as I do not know how to copy and paste. If you wanna find it google search jay cutler orange roughy.

I remember seeing how long of a reciept Kai had from grocery shopping too.


It's his job. It's sort of like a thoroughbred horse, where you have to cover every aspect of training and upkeep. Just think about his 2 hour deep tissue massage sessions. Every competitor must KNOW that they did everything possible to bring their best to the stage, and when your livelihood is at stake, the man does what he has to. I'm certain that he doesn't always want to eat as much as he has to.



Exactly what I was going to say,

but you already said it.


I also think he switched to higher quality food.

In his old videos you would see him stock up on food at Costco with basically just regular department store meat and fish.

Now he's got some Eat to grow program he's advertising and all their food is pesticide and antibiotic free.


Wow that's more than the retarded lady trying to be 1000lbs.


She spends 750$ a week. $39000 a year.


"I think he'd like it if I was bigger," she added. "He's a real belly man, and completely supports me."

He's a real belly man - that is fucking priceless.

Anyway, these guys need to eat, and like Stu said, it's all upkeep. I think Jay has gone on record saying he doesn't like being that big, and eating that much, and will lighten up some once his comp days are over....


I can understand why he doesn't enjoy it. Hell, I try to get 6k calories a day and its such a chore, and im bot eating clean at all. I can't imagine what he goes through everyday


why does a QB need so much food?



that essplains his double-chin


Lol - they have Phil Heath's off season eating in the new Flex - 9, 394 cals, 910 grams protein, 881 grams carbs and 239 grams of fat for the day....

He eats pretty good though - lots of nice sirloin steak, eggs, rice and he has a fat sushi meal in there at 6 pm - 10 oz Teriyaki chicken, 1 1/2 cups white rice, 1 philly roll, 1 cream salmon tempura roll, 2 large pieces tempura fried shrimp, 2 pieces yellowtail sushi and 6 pieces salmon sushi - oh and 3 12 oz diet cokes. That meal alone is 2,407 cals, 130 protein, 288 g carbs and 78 g fat....


I know for sure Jay eats five pounds of orange rought a day. That's the reason I looked it up to begin with. I wanted to know why orange roughy was so important. He explain I somewhere but I canot remember.

He says he eats a couple pounds of other fish and another couple of beef a day on top of the roughy....plus killing the vegetables.

From one of his dvds he says his conyest Is roughy and asparagus only.


I know all this because I know a few pro athletes. I was just pointing this out because it shocked me at first.