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Jay Cutler is 2009 Mr Olympia!

He did it, made history. Deserved it thoroughly!

  1. Jay Cutler
  2. Branch Warren (Awesome!)
  3. Dexter Jackson (LOL, this guy has fuck all sportsmanship, refused to shake Branch’s hand)
  4. Kai Greene
  5. Phil Heath
  6. Victor Martinez

Fuck the haters!

And why was this thread necessary?

Because I didn’t know the results. Thanks broski in the first post.

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
And why was this thread necessary? [/quote]


Making a thread to celebrate the new Mr Olympia in a BODYBUILDING FORUM is somehow STRANGE to you ???


And yes all those freaking Kai lovers are back in their box, it was getting on my nerves on several places everyone saying it was Kai guaranteed.

Jay again next year i wager anyone ?

Congrats to Jay hes a badass.

Jay’s haircut is what sealed the deal lol

anyone know where to find any videos or recaps of this lil shindig?

I’m not sure, waiting for it to be updated.

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
And why was this thread necessary? [/quote]

Because people want to know, man. I know I did. Thanks, OP! JC (not you, Jesus) is the man! (Jesus is, too.)

I knew the haircut would put him over the top. I called it, didn’t I?


Yeah, thanks for the post. Was loading the webcast, but it was too slow.

Nice going for Jay, astonishing for Branch, sad about Heath (my favorite). All in all, this year was great!

Yeah jeez sucks to hear about Heath, but I mean least he had the balls to step out and still compete and what not even though he had a set back! But yeah Jay did deserve it, still think Kai should of placed second,and the whole Dennis Wolf thing last year? lol, all that hype and he placed like 16th or something, checked the prejudge photo’s… shocking conditioning!

[quote]ThEmetrius wrote:
3. Dexter Jackson (LOL, this guy has fuck all sportsmanship, refused to shake Branch’s hand)

Its understandable. I wouldnt put him ahead of Jackson in a million years and im sure it shocked the shot out of Dex to see it happen. I know it reflects poorly on him in a way but that shit is tough to take. Regardless Branch did it and congratulaions to the guy. A freak among freaks to say the least.

I am glad Jay took it. Kai looked insane in the webcast but once you get to see him on stage with these other guys, you get the idea of just how big they really are. Massive back though…fuck. When I saw the picture that Prof X posted of Jay’s most muscular, I decided to root for Jay over Kai.
So yeah, I am happy Jay took it, but what really got me pumped just a sec ago reading this thread was seeing Branch Warren in 2nd place! Hell YEAH!!

I must say Jay’s lower obliques were quite predominant, i mean there was like a clear seperation from his waist and legs, awesome conditioning on his part, dry dry dry!

I agree - i had been really disappointed with Jay over the past year to 18mths. His skin was loose and conditioning off as standard.

He was dialled IN on fri though (not watched Sat yet).

I am not at all surprised that branch placed second… i dont think someone like him can ever win the olympia, as while i personally think he has a great physique, he is a little held back genetically… but the package he brought to the stage deserved a top 3 placing for sure!

And Victor… i am always in awe of his physique, he has some damn perfect genetics IMO - but he looked smoother compared to some others who were spot on (not smooth mind you, just comparatively).

I damn enjoyed it this year.

No question Jay deserved it. I don’t even like his physique but I’ll admit he was a definite winner. Fantastic result and somewhat redemption for Branch. I was disappointed with Kai and Victor.

Jay finally won it for real. He looked probably the best he ever has. I didn’t think he had it in him to look great again. I’ve never really like him but he pulled it together and definitely deserved it. A lot of guys had poor condition, I was really surprised Kai and Phil didn’t bring it.

Yea - I have to say that as soon as I saw the pics from prejudging, I went from “no chance” to “a very good chance” he’ll make history and take it back.

He was huge as hell and conditioning was pretty much spot-on (he might have been holding a bit of water under his lower back) - pretty much the best I’ve ever seen him.

Very exciting seeing BB history made. And Jay deserves every bit of credit - he took a defeat and, against the odds, came back better than ever to win it all back - good stuff!!

I dont think anyone can rip Jay apart after this showing. Size, Cuts, Conditioning,… no one could hold a candle to him. It was definitely one of the most difficult line up in a long time for an Olympia.

Branch just blew my mind when he first stepped onstage. In my mind, he could have won the Arnold and most people wouldn’t have complained, but last night, he came in even tighter. Just a beast.


[quote]PB Andy wrote:
And why was this thread necessary? [/quote]

There were already two other threads going on the Olympia 2009, both of which had the results and had moved on to a discussion of the winner. I think that is why PB Andy wrote this, not because the topic is not worthy or interesting.