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Jay Cutler Cometh to 619 MUSCLE



This saturday, Aug. 25th,
at 619 Muscle
2949 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA, 92109

Jay Cutler will make a guest appearance and sign autographs!
Also appearing, several IFBB pros, including Derik Farnsworth, Biotest athlete Gina Aliotti, Meriza DeGuzman, Debbie Bramwell and several other top athletes!

Local radio station Rock 105.3 with celebrity "Boston"-Rob will be making a live broadcast from 619 Muscle!
Atomic Kitten, Olesya Novik is also scheduled to appear!

We'll have tons of Spike to sample and lots of other Biotest goodies from the only local T-Nation exclusive Biotest Retailer!

619 Muscle - home of the 2006 Project SuperHero!

Please PM me with any questions!



That guys abs are weird. They dont match up.

Besides, I thought he was second place. Was I wrong?


That's awesome. Makes me jealous of you guys in San Diego.

Capped: Cutler is the reigning Mr. Olympia. All you have to say is something smart about his abs?


Oh. Well, awesome. Good for him.

And what else am I supposed to say? Yeah, hes got a great body and he deserves the title, but I'd be saying that about anybody who won. The only thing that really stands out about him, to me, is his abs.


Yes, you are completely incorrect. Jay Cutler won last year's Mr. Olympia.

That was a google search away if you didn't know.


Most of the questions asked on any fucking forum are going to be "a google search away". stfu.


That's actually fairly common....


Really. I just never noticed on anyone besides him.


Then why didn't you? Generally I prefer to avoid looking foolish with incorrect assumptions.


It's funny, I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "that guy" when speaking about Jay Cutler, not that I think he's amazing, but he is Mr.O


Geez! CappedAndPlanIt is in a bad mood today. Did somebody scratch one of your Liberace records or something?


Why doesnt everybody?

Why not shut all the forums down and pin one topic that cannot be replied to, that says "Google it!"?


Yeah and they shit in my oatmeal.

I just think its stupid to point out that the answer to a question is elsewhere, therefore should not be asked on a forum. Wtf is the point of a forum then?


hmmm...im not sure...google it.




Use your inside voice.


Great thread.

...and people wonder why there's a T-Cell Alpha.


Did you really use your 3rd post to bump a year old thread to tell everyone that you liked a reply? lol


Damnit! I didn't see this was a bumped thread.

What the hell? I can't begin to imagine why someone would do that...it's so weird.