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Jay Bennish Comments

[quote]IronGame08 wrote:
FUCK…I just heard the audiotape of the “lecture” that Bennish gave.

LET ME SAY THAT MY ABOVE POST IS NOW IRRELEVANT. I did not realize the extent to which this nutjob took his poitical propaganda. This wasn’t a lecture that sought to discuss student’s perspectives on the issues he raised. It was a FUCKIN DIATRIBE.

This guy is a fuckin lunatic. If I was in that class I would have raised my hand and told him to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I was under the impression that he was attempting to foster discussion. Obviously, I was wrong. This is wrong, and he should be fired.


I heard part of the tape, which is why I ‘rashly’ stated my position. The guy is spouting biased crap.

Preaching to helpless victims, whether the ‘teacher’ (term used loosely to refer to Bennish) is conservative or liberal is just plain wrong. Unless its a course on ethics, where I can see how the teacher’s views might come into play somewhat, we MUST try to teach our children to be objective.

I have heard and seen teachers at my high school go off on Bush IN CLASS and have informed the principal. Sorry to rat out on others but there is NO place for speechmaking in class. We’re not hired for that.