Jax Un's Log

day 16

Back- back day is quickly becoming my most favorite day

SLDL- 225x9 275x6
315x4 315x4 315x4(i tried insanely hard to get the 5th rep on my third set but it was disgusting form so i dropped the weight
225x6(this was supposed to be a high rep, haha)

alright, so SLDL’ing twice a week seems to be paying off. 3 weeks ago i could only hit 315 for one rep and now i am doing 3x4. I am pretty happy about that. I was considering to stop DL’ing and front squatting twice a week, but if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it. A lot of people were looking at me when i was doing this, my psych-up face and routine is i guess out of the ordinary. and i might have been grunting, and the weights made a loud sound on the ground. felt good. real good.

Seated OH shoulder press
95x5 115x5 135x5 135x3

DB incline- i hit chest yesterday but i just wanted to do a little very light work
60x6 70x6 50x10

BW pull-ups

Machine t-bar row(i am way to tall for this)
2 platesx7x6

standing t-bar row

single arm t-bar row
50x6 50x6 60x8

DB shoulder shrugs
85x15 100x10 100x9 100x8 75x10

BB curl
80x12 80x8 80x7

Reverse BB curl
45x30(pump) 2 15 second breaks

no cardio today

leg day friday

day 17

I did legs on july 3rd. Just not around much of this weekend. My right knee has been shaky ever since.

front squat + warmup

185x6 185x6 185x6

leg press

10plates x8

HS v-squat(kinda like a machine hack squat)

334x6 334x6

i did some light arm work too that i didn’t note

it has been 2 solid months of this routine(although i started the log only 1 month ago). i have been extremely disappointed with my progress. Part of it is nutrition, part of it is injuries part of it is probably faulty routine design. I am very happy with my progress in the SLDL but everything else has pretty much stayed the same.

I am going to switch up my program to one muscle group per week. it will be very basic.

day off

as far as rep ranges go i will do a 5-4-3 5-4-3 5-4-3 and once i can complete all 9 sets i will bump up the weight

for instance lets take DB flat bench presses

starting weight at 65lbsx5 70lbsx4 75lbsx3 70lbsx5 75lbsx4 80lbsx3 75lbsx5 80lbsx4 85lbsx3. I will do this type of lifting for every major lift: DB presses, sldl, front squats, oh press, cgbp, weighted dips, preacher curl…

anyways, tomorrow is chest day. Will be lifting with a friend but all should go well. After my knee gets better i will start some cardio

day 18- first day of my new split


DB incline bench:

70x5 75x4 80x3 75x5 80x4 85x3 80x5 85x4 90x3 ( i completed all 9 sets so next week i will start off with 75lbs)

I tried to do dips but i still fee weird pressure in my right shoulder

flat bench cgbp

135x5 140x4 145x3 140x5 145x4 150x3 145x5 150x4 155x3 ( i completed all 9 sets so next week i will start off with 75lbs)

Decline BB bench
135x13 155x8 175x5

Reverse grip incline CGBP
95x9 115x4 95x5 95x7

Incline fly
35x12 35x12 35x12 (will increase weight next time)

Pec deck- pump 110lbs x30

tomorrow will be back day, i am not sure what i am going to do with my sldl. I might just continue doing straight sets since it is working for me.

day19- back/light bi’s

today was fun

SLDL: barx10 135x8(at this point my back felt really stiff, was unsure what i could do)

225x7 275x5
315x6(rep PR)
325x5(weight PR)

callous ripped off

335x2(weight PR)

that 325x5 felt amazing. For some reason i could feel a sweet pump in my quads despite it being an SLDL.

Normal grip lat pull down
140x10 150x8 160x7 170x6 180x5

Seated row
150x8 150x8 150x7 150x7

single arm standing face pull
120x8 120x7 120x7

Preacher curl
70x8 70x5 70x6

BB curl
85x6 85x6 85x6

DB hammer curl- pump
20’s x 32

Tomorrow is shoulder day. I am not sure if i am going to skip leg day yet. I might, lateral right knee hurts a lot when i bend it.

day 20


i haven’t had a day for only shoulders in such a long time, it felt great to hit them hard. but i also haven’t a few of these lifts in a long time. next week i will cut down on the # of lifts but increase the # of sets.

Warm-up: body weight dips x8 hangclean 95x10

hang clean
145x6 150x4 150x4 150x3

seated barbell OH press
85x6 115x5 135x5 135x5 (i was going to do another set but some guy was waiting for me for quite a while)

BB upright row( i have had impingement issues before so i am always nervous to do these)
85x8 95x8 95x8 105x6 (they actually feel better to use DB’s which i will do next time)

BB curl
95x6 95x5 95x5

Single arm seated DB OH press
55x6 60x6 65x5 70x3

front raises
15lbs x 10
30lbs x 6
20x8 20x8

lateral raises
15lbs x 10
30x 6 30x5

weighted pushups(+45lbs)
x12 x7

HS shoulder shrugs
275x12 275x12 275x12

4 laps around the stairs at old HS FB field

tomorrow is either arms or legs or day off. Haven’t decided yet.

Day 21


kind of boring, i don’t really train arms and only arms, but they are definitely a weak point of mine, along with the rest of my body

115x10 135x8
135x8 135x8 135x8

EZ bar preacher curl
95x6 95x2

Incline hammer bar skull crushers
80x5 80x6 80x5 80x4

Hammer Bar curl
100x5 100x5 100x5 100x3
70x14 70x9 70x9

Incline reverse grip smith CGBP
90x7 90x5 90x5 90x5

Rope OH tri ext
60x8 70x5 70x5

BB standing curl
85x8 85x8 85x5

I will skip legs this week. my right knee is not feeling right. I will be sure to hit them next week

I have fri-sunday off. Monday will be chest and light bi’s

day 22

Chest+light tri day

DB incline

40x8 55x5 75x3
90x6 90x5 90x4

Flat DB bench

75x8 80x6 86x5 90x3

Hammer BB incline skull
70x10 70x9 70x7

incline DB flies

40x10 45x8 50x6

Single arm tri ext

45x6 50x6 55x6

today was good. I like pairing up 2 big muscle groups a day and hit them twice a week. I might get back into that. This just didn’t feel like enough work.

Tomorrow is back and light bi day.

hopefully i can continue breaking PR’s on my pulling

Ahhhhhhhhh OK

time to continue this

i stopped updating because i had a few injuries i needed to work around and I couldn’t progress as well as i wanted to.

So since last May i have dislocated my right shoulder 3 separate times, all times failing on incline pressing. I stopped anything under my 5RM for inclines and i have not had any problems at all knocks on wood. Also my right knee has had a minor MCL sprain for a few months. I haven’t squatted at all in the last 30 days and all i have done are light DB lunges and light bulgarian split squats and stretching in order to help rebuild strength in my right knee.

I have decided to come back to this because i squatted for the first time today and my knee(s) feel pretty good.

so, enough with the injuries, it’s stat time:

Age: 24
Height: 6’5’’
Weight: 215lbs (up from 200)
Location: San Diego State University- Arc (Aztec recreation center)


-get up to 225 by new year and 250 by the end of next summer
-SLDL 405x5
-DB incline bench press 110’sx10
-DB flat bench 120’sx10
-Squat 225x20(have a lot of work to do with this)
-DB military press 100’sx10

Current lifts:

-SLDL 355x5
-DB incline bench press 95x5
-DB flat bench press 105x4
-Squat 225x3

  • DB military press 85x3

I will be changing around my lifting routine come this monday, now i need to find a place for legs:)

Todays workout:

Incline DB press

40x12 55x8 70x6 85x3 95x5 95x4

Standing preacher curl- EZ bar

30x8 50x8 80x6 90x3 100x5

DB flat bench press (alternate extended armed hold for 2 reps)

70x8 75x6 85x6 90x5

Back squat

135x12 155x8 185x6 205x6 225x3

Single leg leg pres

90x12 140x10 180x8

Tomorrow will be back and tri day. I will post that workout and i will post my new routine come sunday night

here is an updated back shot compared to the one in my profile

this picture is +15lbs of bodyweight

haha what a crappy way to start my new lifting journal.

I am not lifting today. got 3 hours of sleep. Friends going away party. got pulled over by the cops at 3am, i stopped drinking 3 hours prior and before that i only had 4 drinks, not even tipsy anymore. My friend gets a ticket for an open container in the car, i get a warning. lucked out.

New program starts monday. 3 day weekend from lifting.

All right, new week, new program

It is basically the same template i used when i started this log that i moved away from when my knees started to give up. It is basically an anterior/posterior split

Monday: Heavy/low reps



Tuesday: Lighter/high reps




Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Lighter/high reps



Friday: Heavy/low reps





-Arms, calves, abs

Sunday: OFF

I weight myself every friday. Hopefully i gain 1lb a week.


Chest, Quads heavy

DB flat bench
45x12 60x8 75x8 90x5 105x5(PR)

Preacher DB curl
30x8 35x7 40x6

DB incline alternate press (hold in up position for 2 reps with alternate arm)
60x7 70x6 80x6 85x4(right arm failed on #5)

Back squat (i am still taking it easy with my legs, not trying to do too much too soon)
135x10 155x8 185x8 225x5(definitely could have done more)

Dips (I haven’t done these since last May due to 3 shoulder dislocations)
bodyweight x10 +40lbsx5 +50bsx5 +50lbsx5

Single leg leg press
90x10 180x8 230x6

Pushups off two DB’s
45lb plate on back x10 x8

Back/light ham day

135x10 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x3 365x2(really bummed i didn’t hit it for three)

6inch platform 225x5

Seated DB OHP
40x10 50x10 60x8 70x5 80x5(could have went up to 85, but i inclined yesterday and my shoulders were a little sore. Going to move shoulder to arm days on saturday

single arm t-bar row
45x10 65x10 80x8 90x8 100x6

Pull-ups BW x7x5x4

single arm cable row
100x8 110x8 120x5

tomorrow is a day off

thursday i am going to shot for 225x10 on back squat and maybe play around with the 110lb DB’s on flat bench…maybe

yesterday was supposed to be an off day but i had to be part of a max heart rate test for my exercise physiology lab class. 45 minutes on a stationary bike. hit my max heart rate with 5 minutes to go and had to keep that pace. Quads not used to that but i still did manage to touch my legs a little bit in lifting.

I am also changing up my program. this anterior/posterior split is not going to work for me. i am going with an upper/lower split starting next monday. DL’s will be on lower day, rack pulls will be on upper day.

here was today’s workout

chest and tris

DB incline bench
40x12 60x8 75x5 85x2 95x6(fail on 7) 70x12

Dips(haven’t done this since May due to shoulder problems
BWx8 +40lbs x4x4x4

Back squats
135x10 185x6 225x5

Alternate DB flat bench hold for 2 reps
75x6 70x8 65x9

wide grip reverse incline smith press
50x10 70x10 90x8

weight: 215.4

back and tricep day

135x10 225x8 315x5 365x2 315x6

barx12 65x8 115x6 135x6 155x3 185x6 195x4

Hammer BB french press
80x10 90x8 100x3

seated EZ preach curl
barx8 50x8 70x5 90x5 110x4

Hang cleans
going to make these a staple

DB shrugs
90x15 105x8 110x10

double arm cable row
130x8 150x8 170x7

Monday will be heavy legs which will look something like this:
squats up to 5rm
trap bar DL
single leg SLDL using DB’s
single leg leg press

Tuesday will be a light upper workout 9-12 rep range
flat DB bench press
// grip pull ups
Alternating incline DB bench press
Kroc rows
single arm t-bar rows
weighted pushups to failure

bi, tri, shoulders

Thursday- light legs heavy reps
deficit sldl’s- 6inches
walking DB lunges
calf work
bulg split squats
single leg leg press

friday- heavy upper
rack pulls
incline db chest press
heavy dips
hang cleans
decline DB flies