Jax Un's Log

Hey T-Nation

Just wanted a place to get some serious critiques and advice. I keep detailed logs of my workouts and i will post them here as well with the occasional food log. I will probably PM some T-Nationers and ask them to take a look here and ask for advice. Or you can give advice freely. seriously, all i want is a little direction, haha. thanks

Goal: I need to gain weight. My lifts are weak, like my body. I am tired of being a lanky POS, so i gotta gain horizontally to level out a little

Height: 6’4.5’’
Weight: 198lbs. I was at 215lbs over thanksgiving, i should get back there soon.

Currently getting over a dislocated shoulder, can’t do pull ups or heavy fly’s, but everything else is fine

Medial side of my left knee is messed up. Hurts to walk, can’t squat past parallel, for now.

My Split:

day off
Repeat (i throw in calves and abs and shoulders on whichever days they are not sore)

Food wise:

Carbs/BCAA’s during lifting, carbs/protein after lifting, fat/protein in all other meals.

100g of carbs a day, 250g of protein, 200g of fat. All of these are minimal values, i am aure i surpass them daily.

These are roughly my maxes:

SLDL: 315x1 or 295X5 for 3 sets
BB Bench press 195X5 3 sets
Front squat 195X5 3 sets

anyways, thanks for reading


Day 1


Barbell Bench- warm-up(W/U) BarX10 95X6 135X6
Working Sets- 185X6 195X5 205X3 215X1(fail on 2) 205X2 195X4 185X5

Incline DB Press
75’sX6 80’sX5 85’sX1(fatigue) 75’sX5

Close-grip bench press: probably a bad idea after so many chest presses
135X6 135X6 typically i work up to sets of 185X3

Incline fly:
45X6 50X6 55X4

Incline Hammer bar french press:
70X6 70X5 70X5

Standing Hammer bar curls
70X10 70X10 70X10 70X5

i haven’t felt so good after a workout in a while.

Day 2


BB row: warm-up barX10 95X8 135x8
155x6 155x6 165x5 165x5 185x4

Single arm T-bar row
85x6 85x5 85x4

Seated smith shoulder press
100x5 100x5 100x4

-Does anyone count the bars weight while using the smith machine? i don’t.

Seated Arnold press
40lbs 3x6

Standing Hammer bar(not DB’s) curls
80x10 80x10 80x10

3x6 chin-ups. Still can’t do pull-ups because of my right shoulder.

Day 3 Legs/Arms

CGBP- waiting for a rack to open up
Warm-up barX10 95X8 135X4
155X6 165X5 155X5 155X5

Front Squats (left knee not 100% but first time i have squatted in about a month. felt ok)
155X8 185X4 185X4 185X4

225X8 275X6 295X3

Incline Smith supinated CGBP
50X8 70X5 70X5 70X5

EZ bar preacher curl
70X8 80X5 80X5 80X5

Leg Press
8 total plates 1x24

Hammer barbell curls
80X10 80X7 80X6 (felt like my callous’ were going to rip off)

Anyways, i am pretty disappointed with my legs, i can’t blame it all on my knee. I will hit them again on thursday along with chest and light tri’s.

tomorrow is a day off from the gym, i might go for a jog but i will post what i eat.

Day4 Chest/Tri

Incline BB press w/u - barX10 95X6 135X4 165X3
185X5 185X5 195X3 185X5 185X4

DB flat bench
75X6 75X6 75X5

Flat Bench Skull Crushers
60X10 70X8 80X4 70X8

HS decline (never used hammer strength before so i could have added more weight)
180lbs X5X5X5X5X10

Front Squat
135X12 135X10 185X5

Single arm Tri extensions

Abs machine: 5 sets

Day 5 Back/bi/shoulders

BB row w/u: barx10 135x8 135x6
185x5x5x5x5x4 (little body english on all reps above 3)

Hang clean and press(i haven’t done this lift, so it will take some time to adjust to it but i think it might become a staple)
115x5x5x5x5x5(will add weight next time)

Machine T-bar row(as opposed to our free standing t-bar)
2 45lbs x6x6x6x6

BB curl

Shoulder shrugs(i haven’t done this since i dislocated my shoulder roughly 1month ago, hence the light weight)

Hammer barbell curls
80x8 90x7 95x5 100x3(i was pretty stoked i got up to 100lbs for 3 legit reps)

preacher curl
70x7 80x5x4

Side laterals(once again, haven’t done these since my dislocated shoulder, felt good, light weight, no rest between sets)

25lbs per arm x6x6x6x6

Legs tomorrow then a nice sunday day off.

Looks like you’re doing good work!

thanks Alisa!

it feels good to be tracking my lifts. I am excited what they will look like in a year from now

got called into work early. Not a big deal, tomorrow was supposed to be a day off, i guess i will make today my day off and tomorrow will be leg day

Day6 Chest/tri

Incline BB press: barx12 135x7 155x5

185x5 195x4x4 195x3x3

Incline fly(solid ROM)


Hammer bar incline french press


HS decline

230x4x4 180x7

preacher EZ bar curl


Treadmill- 5mins 10.5incline 5MPH

oh man, i haven’t been around a computer too much the last couple days, i guess i forgot to update.

the above workout was on monday. On tuesday i gave blood, tried lifting before but i didn’t have enough time.

Wednesday was leg day:

Front squat barx10 135x8

185x6(easy) 205x4 205x2 -i think i went too high too fast and i got winded easily

SLDL: 135x8 225x6

275x6 275x6 285x3

single leg leg press(knee not feeling good on normal leg press)

2plates x8x8x8

single leg quad extensions


5 sets weighted abs

next leg day(sunday) i obviously need to do a lot more warm-up sets.

Thursday’s workout:

Back day

Barbell row: 135x8 135x4

185x5 185x5 185x5 185x3 185x3 135x10 135x10 135x10

Hang cleans(still getting used to these)

135- 5x5

Seated barbell shoulder press
95x7 115x5 115x5 95x6 95x5 - i can feel i stretched out my rotator cuff tendons on these, slight pain in right shoulder

Single arm t-bar row


EZ bar preacher curl


DB hammer curls

30x10 40x6 40x5

Lat pulldowns

110x6 140x6 150x6 160x6 (first time i have done anything close to a chin-up since dislocating my shoulder 5 weeks ago. Felt ok.

Single arm face pulls(used light weight, never really done these before

100x8 100x8 100x8

my biceps were unusually fatigued on back day, normally that doesn’t happen.

i know i shouldn’t do this, but i swear…it’s like a damn drug

3miles steady state fasted cardio, but i came home and had 60grams of protein and 50grams of fat and 20g of carbs

Today was supposed to be chest and tomorrow legs. I can’t lift this weekend. Yesterday during my over-the-line practice i jammed the fuck out of my finger. I am thinking it is my PIP joint on my right ring finger. Definitely not broken but i can’t grip anything without it hurting. It didn’t hurt too much last night but i woke up this morning and i knew i couldn’t lift for a couple days.

and for those of you who do not know what over the line is, it’s like 3 vs. 3 softball. There is a big tournament ever year in san diego on a beach and a couple of my friends signed up. starts in 3.5 weeks.

do what you can…

thanks for stopping in, DJ. We both seem to be progressing nicely.

Day 9 chest/ light arms

Flat BB bench: warmup…didn’t note it

195x7 205x4 205x4 205x3 195x6

Incline BB bench

135x8 167x7 175x4(bar hit the j-hooks on the way up)

Incline supinated smith machine CGBP

70x6 90x7 110x4 90x6

Incline DB fly

35x9 35x7 35x8

Hammer barbell incline french press

70x8 70x8 70x7

hammer barbell standing curls
70x10 90x8 100x6 100x5 70x12

my finger gave me no problems at all. Body felt good. Slightly pissed at myself and others but other then that, felt good.

Looks like i am adding weight to my lifts, unfortunately no weight to my body yet. I think i will continue my steady state fasted cardio. it feels good. probably have to increase my carb intake, which i hate doing. I feel like shit if i over indulge in carbs, except for fruit. the sugar from fruit has always done my body well. We will see.

tomorrow is back or legs. I am going to star training with a good friend who wants to start lifting, i will let him choose.

day 10 back-arms

barbell row, only warm-up sets: 115x10 135x8

Hang Clean:
135x8 155x4 155x4 135x6


225x8 275x6 295x5 315x3(pr)

seated BB shoulder press
95x7 115x6 115x5 115x5


135x7 135x5 135x5

Incline Hammer bar skull crushers supinated with Hammer barbell curls
60x12 60x12
60x10 60x12
60x8 60x12

Wide grip lat pull downs
140x10 150x5 (right shoulder didn’t feel good)

Single arm T-bar rows
80x6 (on second set with right arm i moved the weight down to fast and i could feel my rotator cuff tendons stretch out which was slightly painful)

45lbs weighted push-ups
feet elevated 45x7
feel+hand elevated 45x3

i was pretty damn happy about hitting 315x3. I thought my SLDL was starting to plateau but that weight felt good. It will feel better if my callous’ stop ripping off. I am thinking i need some chalk or maybe gloves.

Day 11

legs + bi’s

Good news: Legs felt great today. I haven’t had much if any pain in my left knee for few days now. I warmed up well and i think this is the beginning of my legs growing again.

Bad news: small

Front squat: warmup barx10 135x6 155x5

185x6 easy 205x4 205x4 205x4 185x6 narrow stance->135x8

Leg press
6platesx10 calvesx10
8platesx6 calvesx10
10platesx6 calvesx10
12platesx5 calvesx10

preacher curl + Hammer barbell curl
75lbsx8(wrist hurt) + 70x8
55x10 + 70x8
55x9 + 70x8
55x8 + 70x8

went light on the preacher curl after my wrist started to bother me, made sure i felt the bi stretch well.

i think i am going to go for a 3mile jog.

tomorrow is a well deserved off day. Probably do some steady state cardio when i wake up. Then beach all day.


3 mile jog

2x50yard body weight lunges

day 12- chest light tri’s

Incline BB bench w/u barx8 135x5 165x2
185x2 205x2 195x4 195x3 185x5 195x3 185x4

I felt all over the place with the incline bench…mainly because i was. I couldn’t get comfortable with 205 or 195. Which is why i jumped around so much. I think i am going to start using DB’s again. I haven’t seriously used them in a quite a while. come tuesday i will.

DB flat bench
75x6 80x5 85x4 90x2

Straight bar straight arm tricep pulldown
70x8 80x8 85x4

DB incline fly
40x8 40x6 40x6 (good stretch)

Bunch of light rope tri pulldowns

push-ups with 45lbs on back, fists not palms

tomorrow is Back day. Never done rack pulls before but i think i am going to start tomorrow

i almost didn’t go to the gym today. I sacked up and went, glad i did. I got home late today but this workout was done 6-27-09

Day 13 - back/light bi

BB row: 135x10 155x6
185x5 185x5 185x5

SLDL: 225x10 275x5 315x3 315x3

Seated barbell shoulder press
95x7 115x5 125x5 135x5 145x2(failed on 3)

Pull-ups: First time i have done these since dislocating my right shoulder in middle may. I have a long way to go, haha

Seated row(haven’t done these in a couple months)
140x8 140x6 140x7

Single arm standing face pulls
100x8 110x8 120x6

Preacher curl supersetted with hammer barbell curls
70x5 70x8
70x4 70x5
70x4 70x5

DB shoulder shrugs(once again, i have not seriously done these since my shoulder accident)
75lbsx15 85lbsx12 95lbsx9 105lbsx6 105lbsx6

I really wanted to try some rack pulls today because i have never done them. I got into the gym and the 2 squat racks with adjustable safety catches were being used. one guy was doing 95pound barbell shrugs. other guy 65lb barbell curls.

tomorrow is leg day. i am going to get a solid 4 hours of sleep before i have to wake up and work 8 hours running around at a restaurant. i might take the day off and lift legs on monday which would be my normal day off. we will see.

i ended up taking sunday off. I got 90minutes of sleep sat. night then worked for 7 hours sunday morning.

did my leg day on monday. Overall, a pretty shitty day. My fault though.

day 14 legs

Front squat- barx8 135x8 155x4
185x5(felt good, i should not have jumped the weight up to 205 though)
205 x4 205x3 205x2

Leg press

30minutes jog

yeah…that was all. I am pretty pissed about this workout, so expect my next leg day on friday to be brutal.

on a sidenote, i think squatting and deadlifting twice a week all on different days is started to take it’s toll on me. tomorrow is deadlift day. If i don’t improve tomorrow and friday for leg day i am going to have to switch up my routine

Day 15

today was chest and light arms

overall, i felt great. only problem is that i am losing focus on my goals. I mean, i feel the intensity is there in the weight room, but i am jumping around with weights and my rep range is not where i want it to be. I can’t decide to stay in the 4-5rep range or bump it up to 6-8. i need to figure my shit out.

Flat BB bench (didn’t record the warm-up)
185x5(easy) 205x5(not easy) 185x8 195x5

DB incline bench
65x6 80x6 85x4 80x6

overhead seated press ( i knew i should not have tried this after incline, but my shoulder felt good today. Couldn’t get as many reps as i wanted)
115x6 135x4 135x3

Incline hammer barbell skull crushers
75x7 75x7 80x5 80x6

Hammer barbell curl
100x8(pr) 100x5 100x5 70x13

Single arm DB seated shoulder press
50x6 50x6 50x5

BB curl
80x12 80x10

4 laps around the track stairs at my old highschool + 3x50yard BW lunges