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Hey guys, I never really read this forum but I just got to wondering as I sat down. This is kind of a stupid question but I’ll ask anyway and you guys can feel free to make fun of me. I’ve noticed that when ladies have more testosterone in them, their jaw gets more um, masculine, right? Does it do the same thing for men or does your jaw just stay the same? Like I said it sounds stupid but I was just wondering.

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As stated above androgenic steroids cause the development of male-like characteristics. Also, the muscles in the face sometimes become overdeveloped in a bodybuilder or other athletes who clench their jaws during strenuous activity.

A woman, who normally carries a modest amount of muscle mass on their face, would look much different if she’s taking 'roids and working out intensely. As a result, one never saw the drastic facial differences when observing non-training steroid users, like anemics.

GH can also have an effect on this as well.

All pretty good answers, can’t think of much to add but I agree. Yes btw it does become more prominent in men and imo it would make sense that all the chewing we do coupled with the anabolic enviroment we create by taking aas can enhance the muscularity and prominence of our jawlines…us being those who choose to use aas. Not myself of course.