Jaw Surgery, MRP Help

6’2 170lbs.

I am going to be going through jaw surgery on october 18th. this means I am going to be wired shut for 3-4 weeks and in bed.

I need help finding a good meal replacement to have on the side because I need to have 3 meal replacemement shakes a day along with my other blended meals.

Also what would my calories for a given day become. I heard 30% more due to healing.

If anyone knows of articles or has ever had the surgery I would like all the help that I can with getting through this without losing muscle and turning into a bone!

Have you considered Metabolic Drive Complete?

It’s the best MRP that I’ve used.

I have the same issue. not sure when I’m getting the surgery, but it would be nice to have some info for the future. Also the specialist I saw 3 years ago told me it would be 8 weeks with my jaw wired shut.

I had the maxillofacial surgery done a bit over a year ago. I lived on high carb protein shakes, yogurt, and various broth soups.

[quote]Mod Brian wrote:
Have you considered Metabolic Drive Complete?

It’s the best MRP that I’ve used.[/quote]

I second this and then a food processor/blender. Foods and water. make thinned out baby food :slight_smile:

keep your intake up sure you dont want to skimp while trying to heal and at your height and weight a few lbs wont hurt and when your back to hitting it hard will come right off and liklely aid in packing on some mass


I had a upper-maxillofacial palate expansion surgery back in 1999. I think because I already had braces on I didn’t have my jaw wired shut. I was not able to consume any solid food for about 2-3 months. You shouldn’t expect to be in bed the whole time, but don’t count on going to the gym either.

At the time I was not into working out like I am now, so I ate without any consideration for protein/carbs/ fat. I survived on Carnation instant breakfast shakes and just about anything that I could put in a blender. (fruit & graham crackers were my favorites)

At one of my lowest points I actually put a whopper and some fries in a blender with a strawberry milkshake. I did not end up eating it, but I honestly almost cried myself to sleep that night. At that point I was 7-8 weeks in and I had lost about 20-25 lbs. Not being able to eat any solid food really messes with your head.

My first solid food meal after all that was a heart-breaking steak dinner. i took maybe two bites and was full with an after-Thanksgiving-glow. Again, I almost cried myslef to sleep… damned stomch shrinkage