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Javelin Thrower Press

I’ve started incorporating the Javelin Thrower Press into my routine lately, and I love it. The only problem I have, is my right side seems to handle a lot more weight than my left. It doesn’t exactly seem to be a shoulder strength issue, but more so a core/lower back strength issue.

I was able to do them with the O-Bar on my right side, but am only up to a 30 lb bar right now for my left after a few weeks(I’m using it for both sides to attempt to not make matters worse)

I seem to be able to stand straight while doing my right side, yet my stomach bends forward more when I attempt to do them on my left. Today I was trying to go for that extra rep, and I definitely felt it in my middle / lower back.

Clearly I have an imbalance somewhere, I’m just wondering what would be the best approach to correct it. Possibly adding in some weighted hyperextensions?

Thanks Coach…