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Jasons Training Log


Im a powerlifter, sponsored by EFS, and Biotest. I just moved to Columbus, OH from Indiana, and train at EFS and will be going to Lexen fairly soon to train as well. We will see. I seem to do well at peaking for meets too early, and have best gym lifts of 1000/565/735.

My best meet lifts are 915/230/700

Here is my Log at EFS:


I cant lie. Its going to be straight copy paste. You wont get to see the sweet pics here though. ill post the videos though.

Here are some videos of dumb stuff I do:

1000lb Squat

Last meet video

My youtube channel is here:




From Saturday:

Made it out to EFS to Squat today, which was nice, as my training for the SPF ProAm started today. I would say that it went pretty well, all things considered. Found out some good news for next weeks training as well, but im going to save that story for next week. Also, Im NOT going to be going rawdog at the meet. Ended up being too gay for even me to stomach. Training today went like this:

100 Jumps

Foam Roller
Hips, IT Bands, Quads Back

Static Stretching

Squat with Mastadon
bar x10
510x1 (added loose Metal Ace Pro Briefs after)
600x1 (added belt after)
800x1 First time I have had more than 645 on my back since January. Went well, felt heavy. Going to have to fix that. Said it was about an inch below parallel.

Pin 5 Pulls
605x1 (added belt after)
805x1 PR

Pulldown Abs
1 plate 2x15
2 plates 2x15
3 plates 1x15
1 plate 1x25

Pretty good training today, especially considering that there were only 4 of us, plus Doc and Dave in the gym. It definitely felt like a TON more work than it looks like here on paper.


geez maybe you should post an ass pic or something. draw em in.


Pretty sure the ass pic I would post isnt going to draw the type of responses Im hoping for. hahahaha



Todays training:

About 40 minutes or so of GPP work for the hips and hamstrings

Foam Rolled at work, and did some static stretching. Im in horrific shape right now. Got to work on that. Plan is for more GPP and trying to get some work in before or after, well, work, 5 days a week.



Good to see you posting on here Pegg. Where abouts is pin 5 (above/below knees) on those pin pulls?


For me, its 1/2" to 1" below my kneecaps. Depends on where my feet are. hahaha



I dig your log man.....uuuhhh wait what?

I've followed you over at EFTS for a while man, glad to see you keeping this one over here also...


Yeah, I cant lie. This log is going to be a cut/paste job of the log I keep over there. I figured though that this would give me an opportunity to answer some questions guys may not ask me over there. I appreciate you checking them both out though.



Decided that, as I now work at a gym, I have no excuse to be doing shit 1-2x per week training. Not like I have to drive out of my way to get to the gym anymore....its VERY close to work. hahahaha Decided to do semi gay bodyuilding stuff for my upper body a couple of times a week, as we all know improving my bench isnt important. Being JACKED is. Here is how it went:

1A Calf Raise on Leg Press

1B Lateral DB Raise

2A Seated Calf Raise
3 plates x5x12

2B Upright Rows

3 Lateral raise Machine
60lbs x 30 reps

30 minutes 3 mph 12.0 incline

Then I hit the whirlpool for 20 minutes and left.

Working on getting in shape a bunch right now. I talked to Chuck Vogelpohl earlier this week, and Im going to be squatting with him on Saturdays at Lexen. As youre all aware, Chuck trains like a fucking animal, and I need to be in better shape to deal with it and not get myself all sorts of fucked up.


Was kind of hoping you could help with that, now that I think about it. hahaha





Here's one.




I swear to god I dont remember posing for that pic at all. Wendler is quite the cameraman!



Thanks for stopping in, and having your only comment be about a dudes ass. hahahahaha



Your log makes for a good read at EFS! Glad to see your keeping one over here.


no, a few posts above the dudes ass i posted saying coolness, cause its cool that your keeping a log here as well.


hey man glad to see you over here now I dont have to enter 2 websites to follow your log, phewww! that was too much for me to handle!


how was training with the immortal chuck V?