Jason X

Has anybody seen the previews for Jason X? I never liked any of the others but this one looks badass. A guy named Kane Hodder plays Jason. Does anybody know if this is the same Kane in the WWF?

I’m pretty sure Kane Hodder has been Jason since F13 7:New Blood. He’s been around for a while though, but I saw a bootleg copy of the movie, just checkin it out, cause ever F13 seems to get dumber, but I thought they’d hit rock bottom. This one actually isn’t too bad, I mean, yeah, it’s dumb, but if you go see one of these lookin for a plot, then, well, you’re just screwed. But it’s got some nice action scenes, and he looks like a badass in it, you’re right.

I’m going to see it purely for comedic value. Its not the same Kane as in WWF. Kane Hodder is around 50 years old. And yes, he has played Jason since F13 VII.

I was able to download it and it was ok. Jason looked friggin huge though. There were a lot of cheesy lines. Too much comic relief.

No offense but that looks like the stupidest fucking movie possible. Arrrrgggghhhhhhh. :slight_smile: