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Jason Norcross

Jason, in an earlier post you said you need to finish the SSC cert. Have you done the video portion yet? If so how did you set up the format?

No, basically I’ve yet to do the video portion. I’ve got 90% of the written test done, but my SSC cert has just sat on the shelf for about a year now. Recently though there are some changes and I’m now planning on finishing this up in the near future. But I decided to also pick up the CSCS cert since I had a continuing education benefit that was expiring at the end of the year.

I plan to do this video in late Jan or early Feb when I start working with the football players at San Jose City College. I'll just recruit a few of them and actually have them demonstrate the exercise technique while I talk and I'll have a friend or one of the player's do the filming or just use a tripod.