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Jason Norcross

Jason, in response to your veggie question on the dog pound. Just a suggestion, but it’s cheaper and “better” if you can buy various fresh veggies. An easy thing for you to do would be to pick one day of the week and buy some veggies, cut them up into various slices or sticks or florettes. Then you can mix them together into a macedoine or veggies. If you wanted to you could also lightly sautee them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Then grab and go when ever you want. You can also turn them into a “stirfry” by adding sliced steak, chicken, or pork. That way you will get your veggie intake while maximaly maintaining the vitamin and phyotochemical integrity of them. Just my 2 cents.

I have to agree with Renegade Chef. For awhile I was buying the mixed veggies that come in a bag which are great if you’re lazy but it’s way more cost effective to just buy them seperately. I do the same thing myself with broccoli, carrots and string beans. I just dump it all in a plastic bag too and steam them when I’m ready. I find that the food lasts a lot longer for me at a much lower price. And frankly the veggies taste better that way instead of purchasing them all together for some reason.

Search for the post by my gf Bets recently if you want to know an awesome recipe for dressing to use on veggies made from flax oil, its a good way to down that nasty oil and tastes awesome!


Wow, thanks for the tips guys!

Yeah, part of it is being lazy. I actually really like vegetables, but they just have never been a habit food for me. I think I'll give both of the ideas a try.

Either way, I'll be getting my veggie intake up.

Pugs - saw that recipe. Scares me to death to think of actually enjoying flaxseed oil, but I'll give it a shot.

She loves it and so do I…her father who is a very picky eater also said it tasted really good…if he only knew it was this healthy…


Jason - an easy way to up your veggie intake is to add them to your salads. Buy fresh for sure, and eat them raw (wont lose any nutrients from not cooking). I always have one tuna or salmon or beef etc salad a day with a little olive oil and vinegar, just add one veggie a day to your salad.

I’ve always had a vegetable “phobia”, but started juicing them last year. I finally took the plunge recently and am eating them as often as i can. Need some phyto roughage to counteract all that beef :slight_smile: My little trick is to eat the veggies first (get them out of the way), then eat whatever else is on the table (so thats the taste that lingers). Makes me look forward to and appreciate the other stuff more. Simple, yes. Silly, perhaps. But it works.