I asked you a question about your Mag-10 diet a while ago you know about the N-Large. I just wanted to know your age, and size before you started the Mag-10 cycle, and what is your size now. also what was your tranning like durning this period.

I’ve got all the answers for you, but I just need to pull out my old workout log. I’ll try to post tonight.

Age - 25

Size Before - 197, 14%

Size After 2 week cycle - 208, 13%

Size After 2 weeks on Tribex after Mag-10 - 205, 13% - lost a bit of extra water and glycogen

Training was twice a day - 4 days a week. PM workouts were (in order) Squat, Horizontal Push/Pull, Deadlifts, Vertical Push/Pull and these were all the main workouts. AM workouts were (in order) - Core, Arms, Core, Arms. Everything was done with high reps (8-12), except for the first exercise which was done heavy for 6-8.

Current stats are nothing to brag about. Things were going great for a while, but with a job change, a move, a couple of side projects, and new working hours, I've fallen into a pretty nasty rut of late. This summer, I was cruising in the high 190s at 9-10% body fat. Currently, I've softened up a bit and I'm around 195 or so.

Once I get thru this month, the coast is clear and with the help of my good friends, Joel and Eric, I'll be back on track in no time.