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Jason Norcross and others: warm-up protocol for pullovers

I’ve started a 20-rep squat program and I’m using decline bent-arm pullovers with an EZ-grip bar, 2 sets of 12-15 at a 3-1-1 count. I did a couple of warm-up sets that made the working weight very comfortable but ROM was still a problem. The range increased throughout the work sets. Although my chest was worked, I discontinued each set when my shoulder joint felt strained. I have several questions about this exercise: (1) Where should my hands be on the EZ-grip bar for a “breathing squat” routine? (2) Should I try EXTREMELY LIGHT warm-ups and go for range of motion? (3) I pinched my buttcheeks and squeezed my abs to keep my lower back against the board and protect my abs from herniating. Is this right? (4) Anybody know any general tips to keep pullovers safe? Thanks for your help, guys.

1)Put your hand about shoulder width apart.

2)Full ROM will not come with pullovers unless there is enough force to get you into that position. Pullovers are like any other exercise, there is an optimal ROM and you don't have to yank your arms out to get the training effect

3) Rarely do pullovers while lying parallel on the bench. I personaly prefer straight arm or slightly bent arm pullovers (with 1 or 2 dumbells) laying perpendicular to the bench, so I don't have a good answer for you, but I know that Ian King covers this exercise in his Bring the Pain series.