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Jason Kidd


I really hope his interest in Dallas and San Antonio is just a ploy to apply pressure to the Nets - for money, guarantees of who he'll be playing with, etc. This concern that he's voiced of his "legacy" is mind-numbing.

If he goes to San Antonio and wins a championship, his legacy will be that he rode Duncan's coattails. It's a similar situation with Dallas in that they're already a championship contender (as long as they don't have to play the Lakers).

If he goes to either San Antonio or Dallas and never wins a championship, then his legacy is that he's a loser.

He's on a young team that's only going to get better and that seems to have a ticket to the finals for the forseeable future. This means he can stay in NJ, and wait until his team is good enough to win one series over a Western Conference champion, and he's got his trophy. Or more than one trophy, as it doesn't look like the Eastern Conference will be a problem anytime soon. He's also the savior for this team. You can't beat the legacy of going from wife-beater to savior to champion.


I'm more concerned about my beloved Utah Jazz. With John "All praise unto his name" Stockton retiring and Karl Malone now a free agent we're potentially screwed if Malone goes.

Maybe Kidd can come to the Jazz - heh


Jason Kidd has no marbles. Where was he during the finals? Maybe he should get his wife to play for him?


iscariot - no one wants to move to Utah. Sorry.

Goldberg - don't forget his son.


Goldberg - if you look at teh NBA site, Kidd's numbers for teh finals wern't that bad. But if you look at Duncan's you see where the problem is. But yes, I agree, Kidd didn't step up.

AS for Utah, I wouldn't move there either, but it's a good team with good coaching - and the do a really good line in resurrecting careers - look at the year Matt Harpring had.

Heh, Pippen's a free-agent too, now there's a good front court - Malone, Pippen and Kirilenko at centre. Put Kid at shooting and make Stockton unretire and play point.....

Hoping never hurt none.....


How could his wife play for him? He beats her up too bad to be functional...


Maybe Jason Kidd wasnt that bad. But was Michael Jordan ever "not that bad"?What about Larry Bird? Duncan always comes to play. If i was tim duncan i wouldnt want him on my team regardless of how much he would help. They need Jermaine Oneal even more. How do i know all this. I dont even watch the nba.


I don't know if the East is gonna be that easy for NJ, after Detroit got Darko Milicic in the NBA Draft. He fills their exact need for a second scorer and a big man.


I just hope San Antonio doesn't fuck up and sign Kidd. We need a replacement for Robinson. Parker will only get better with time.


Re San Antonio [Doogie]

Duncan can play centre though so the necessity to pick up a centre replacement isn't inperative. You could do worse than picking up a PF like Malone through free agency.

I'll be interested to see what happens to the Lakers [scum that they are].

As for the East, even if Le Bron James is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it's going to take years for the strength of that conference to reach that of the West's.