Jason Kidd Files For Divorce

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lostinthought wrote:
…yeah but don’t you guys think that the level of complete hotness is congruent with the level of shit a person will put up with from said hottie?

No, I’ve been with some pretty mellow, really hot girls. Pro athletes don’t marry these kind of women though. They marry women who will turn a blind eye to all the extracurricular activities for the luxuries they’re provided. And any bitch who marries for “security” is a chickenhead and should be treated accordingly.[/quote]

Yeah I’ve heard that NBA/NFL guys not always but mostly tend to get gold digging, “looking for security”, psychopathic women!

I can see why these professional athletes are walking $dollar signs and there is always a large group of women who prefer finances above “love”, and compatibility.

I remember seeing a pitcher’s wife on TV, she was a horrendous person, he married her when she was a stripper and she would just brag about how much money she has with him now et cetera.

I tend to believe it’s a two-way street. I wonder how many of those wives/girlfriends would stick around when said person is badly injured, loses money/retires.

If a woman I consider one of the most sexy and gorgeous on the planet could be dumped by 2 dudes in a row, it proves anything is possible (that woman would be Liz Hurley)…

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I’d still hit it again and again.
Seeing this after reading all that was worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, silly woman. The other “hit”.

I remember the attached photo from a S.I. swimsuit issue. I guess NBA players’ game shorts double as swimming trunks? :-\

Also, everyone is saying Kidd was arrested for poppin’ her in the face. If I remeber right he threw a yogurt at her [I’m not making that up].My point earlier was that,in general, athletes don’t marry good looking “normal” women. They marry good looking pebble polishing chickens.

No “normal” woman would be ok with the lifestyle that 99.9% of athletes live. But a chickenhead would’nt care as long as she was driving that Benz with an amex black in her purse and that trip to anywhere she wants perpetually on the horizon.

The problem for a guy like Kidd, according to the sports talk station I listen too, is she can do whatever she wants to him physically and he just has to take it. If he so much as pushes her he is getting busted. All due to the difference in size.

He filed the order because she was going nuts on him and he was warned not to raise a hand by his lawyer.

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And for the record, for his sake, I hope he’s got a prenup.

The only time a guy today should not get one is if his wife makes more money than he does.[/quote]

WHat about it you both start out with no money and plan on making tons together?

The story in dallas was that he ate some of his sons French Fries. The wife flipped out, started hitting him. He hit her and she called the cops. He then admitted he popped her in the face, and got arrested.
Pleaded N/C, paid 200.00 fine and did anger mgmt.