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Jason Borne vs James Bond 2000


Okay, so the question of all questions!

Who is more lethal? Who would win in a fight? Who is the king of ass kickery?

Jason Borne


The new James Bond

Seriously... Think about it.


I think we know who would be better dressed and get better looking women...


Good Will Hunting FTW






Jason Bourne would murder James Bond and I've been a Bond fan my whole life (still am). I'm also a Bourne fan and he has more lethal combat skills with better talents to make use of his situations. Where as James Bond has high tech gadgets. No match in my opinion.


I'm going for Bourne as well, I believe Bond would put up a decent fight from a distance at first, but eventually Bourne would show up at his door with his Bonds grave already dug. Though I've heard many people say Bond on this matter. So I await to see some debate!


Damn. Now I need to see the Bourne films!


james bond gets more pussy, default victory


That's a win in my book, except some of the gals he infiltrates have no ass/boobs whatsoever...


whocares about ass or boobs.

its about the V.A.G.I.N.A


Chuck Norris


Thanks ending this thread just as it was getting started.


I think a better question would be Jason Bourne, or the guy from "Taken" I'd still go Bourne, but it'd be a lot closer


Someone had to step up.


Bourne, this is no contest.


If it comes down to just raw bare knuckle fighting. Bond would get his ass handed to him IMO. So Bourne FTW.


Have we learned nothing from years of reading comics? They would run into each other because they were chasing a common suspect, then fight for a page or two then settle there differences because they have a common foe, happiness ensues.

I am ashamed of you guys tsk, tsk.


Action Jackson would beat both of these mutherfuckers and look way cooler doing it.


Dude, I don't care what you dress him in, Apollo Creed is not taking down Will Hunting.