T Nation

Jason Baran

Without exception so far in my 41 years every white supremacist I’ve met was a loser at life’s game. Unable to win on the playing field with the rest of us they choose to blame others for their misfortunes. The facts are although they claim to be superior the opposite is true. If they were truly superior then the “inferior” races wouldn’t be able to keep them down. I’m a blonde haired, 6’2", blue eyed guy with no problem having a successful marriage, a good job, two nice kids, and a damn fine horse. I play on the same field they do but I didn’t lose. I’m a happy man that knows how lucky he is. Jason comes across as a bitter man who’s life didn’t come out according to plan, thus his reliance on theories of a grand conspiracy at work. Look at any one of those theories with a unbiased mind and you come to one conclusion every time “That dog don’t hunt”.