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Jason Baran

damn…if this thread doesnt destroy the myth of “all brawn no brains” i dont know what will. im very impressed with the intellectual debate going on here. jason, you are clearly well-read, but i was wondering if you have read any foucault?? the following quote suggests that you haven’t:

“I worked as a Correction Officer in Florida so I’ve been inside of a state prison and I know what the color of crime is - and it ain’t White. The prison population is only about 15% White, and the rest is Negro, Mestizo (“hispanic”) and “others.” The Negroes are the largest single racial group in prison, despite the fact that they are only 15% of the U.S. population. Also, inside the prison, the honor dorms for well behaved inmates is almost wholly White, whereas “the box” for the trouble making inmates is almost wholly Negro. The same is true here in New York.”

and may i ask who put these non-white inmates in the box?? were they white officers such as yourself?? i dont mean to offend, im just curious.

by the way, how old are you? what is your educational history? what is your current profession?

im interested in your ideas (though im not going to support or disagree with them here).

peace all