Jason Baran

Dang, freedom! that post of yours is a cardio workout just in the typing it all. Jasan, I sent in an answer to your question abou specific points of similarity, but because my post was too long it was not accepted. I do have more data for you when I get home tonight (I’m not done yet!), but suffice it to say that there are many direct comparisons in the ideology and even in the arrangement of the theories in the writing. Since the mods don’t want me to post the whole assortment of data, I’ll limit myself to a few more excerpts from textbooks and anthropological journals, and let you continue from there once I’ve given the sources with them. Hell, I’d LOVE to plug a 530-page book I wrote on modern Indian rights/treaty law, but I know it would violate the terms here to “spam” so I won’t refer to it other than to mention it, and that my research has been cited by authors, universities, law schools, and tribal attornies.