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Jason Baran

First of all, I would like to give you my personal background. My parents are basically European. My father’s family is English, Austrian, German, and Polish, whereas my mother’s family is Spanish and German. Both are Catholic and I was raised a Catholic and was at one time even an altar boy. Being an adult now, I am married to a woman of Mexican descent and I have two children whom are also raised in the Catholic faith.

Although you speak of the degradation of the White race, I believe this has been a concern of peoples for thousands of years. Even the Europeans thought that each nationality within the continent was better than the other, such as the Prussian-Franco war that was between two countries who basically believed each others culture was the than the other and therefore a more progressive human being. I personally love both cultures yet feel that many European cultures are now resting on their laurels and all they have to give is their past, the exception being French wine.

Instead of skin color and race, I believe that environment has the greater impact on one’s intelligence. When I speak with my wife she tells me that her family never strongly supported her education and weren’t intelligent by any means. Instead they seemed to value if someone was a hard worker. It wasn’t until after she left home and lived with me when her vision of life flourished. She now listens to opera and classical music and home schooled our children basing the curriculum on Western influenced, of which are primarily of European decent.

I will admit that many concerns you have of being White and being pushed aside by liberals and other races has been a concern of mine at times. I get frustrated when schools alter their educational requirements to meet those of minority races. More recently I lost a rather large client when a black woman assumed the role of manager and hired two other companies to replace mine and both were headed by black owners. In fact I knew the moment that she met me and saw that I was white that she would no longer have me work for her.

Recently I have met others in my industry who brag to me that they get many clients because they are minorities, even though they put out a lesser product. My plan then was to simply change my tactics and incorporate with my wife as owner and therefore I am now a woman minority owned business, and by doing so my company is entitled to numerous grants, loans, etc. that I, as a hard-working Caucasian male am not entitled to. By making these kinds of guidelines I believe the leftist government sends the message that they are not necessarily there to help, but that they believe women and minorities cannot be successful on their own.

The liberal media and their portrayals of conservative views and leaders also vex me. I don’t like the manner in which our military has been reduced to and the lack of funding it is provided.

As a matter of fact I am at times very impressed with your erudition and support of the traditional Catholic church, however when you say things like your kind will soon win I am frightened of the mind behind all of this knowledge. Bottom line, I would have no problem putting anyone six feet under who even thinks about harming my wife or children because of their skin color.

Bottom line: Hitler was evil; Stalin was evil; every great religion has had evil influences throughout history; every nation has had evil throughout history. However every culture has in one way or another, some less than others, has had an influence on the present standards of life. Unfortunately, Jason, I believe your views are at times evil and I hope something may change your views so that your intelligence will be used towards a positive change.