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Jason Baran

While I may not agree with his choice of language, I must say (even though I’ll probably be flamed) I completely agree with everything that Jason has said. Of course it is in fashion to be white and liberal, but most people grow out of it. In fact I heard a little saying that I think says it all, if you’re not a liberal when you’re young then you have no heart. But, if you’re liberal when you’re grown you have no brain.
I’m not saying that everyone that belongs to a non-white race is evil, but I must admit that I’ve never crossed the street when I saw a group of white kids walking towards me. I have a concealed weapons permit, and many’s the time that I was glad to have it in some of the darker areas of town.
Again, not all of them are bad, just mainly the males between the ages of 13-25.
Let the flames fly, and rest assured that I wont give anyone the satisfaction of getting pissed off.