Jason Baran

CtStGermain, compromise with the enemy is not an option. Like it says in the Scriptures: Do not be yoked with unbelievers. What hath light in common with darkness? What hath God in common with Belial? You speak of hate. The only hate on this forum is directed at me, my religion, and my race. I have been called a “racist piece of ignorant white trash” people have boasted that it will be wonderful when my race is extinct, they have mocked my religion, and I am personally mocked because I made the mistake of admitting to having a medical condition; because I once asked the T-mag staff if Androsol had any interaction with the mood-stabilizing medication that I take for my manic-depressive disorder. Yet when I defend myself, my religion, and my race; I’m a “hater.” My opponents play the game of “heads I win, tails you lose.” Now you tell me, where is the justice in that?