T Nation

Jason Baran

Rafael, there is indeed a race war going on. Your people are well aware of that, and your people stick together to defend your racial interests. I’m sure you guys are laughing your ass off at all these White liberals who are so enthusiastic about the destruction and upcoming extinction of their own people. Hell, if I was Black I’d be laughing my ass off at all these self-hating White clowns too. But as disgusting as they have become, they are still my people. As I said, my loyalty to the European Caucasian race is unconditional. Yes, we are the minority on this planet. But in the end we will win this struggle. Why? I won’t beat around the bush. We’ll win because we are better than your kind. Throughout history, whenever non-whites invaded our homelands we were always able to beat them back - and we’ll beat you and yours too.