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Jason Baran

Well, The Lion has read and been silent…Sorry Hyok…in many ways you are right…but I felt I had to speak…it was VERY hard to remain silent…

  1. Jason, you get on a VERY slippery slope indeed when you begin to impart Sainthood on one group of people and Evil Incarnate on another. Not only do you close your eyes to the good that one group brings to this crazy world we live in, but you also poison the hearts of people with hearts that already need healing, NOT greater anger and prejudice.

By example, when I speak of that “slippery slope”, I will use the American Indian that has appeared on this, and other threads.Are you suggesting that scalping is more “evil” than Drawing and Quartering, Public Dismemberment in the middle of a town square, Chopping off of Heads by a Public Executioner or Hanging? Are you suggesting that the Bow and Arrow is more “evil” than Pouring Hot Oil over a parapet, Repeating Rifles, the Gatlin and Machine Gun, Grape Shot, Anti-Personnel Grenades and Bombs,Land Mines and Napalm? Are you suggesting that the Tomahawk is more “evil” than the Catapult, the Firestorms and “Sweep Conflagerations”, resulting in thousands litterally being burned alive by a “Tidal Wave” of fire brought about by low level Incidiary Bombing, Northern and Southern Sons and Fathers at a place of Desolation called “Antitam” or Dough Boys on the “Killing Fields” of France, being smothered alive my Mustard Gas, or mowed down by the thousands by Artillary and machine gun fire? Are you even suggesting that Dancing around a Native American Campfire was less civilized than public drunkeness, fighting and rape that would often surround an “Oktoberfest”?

I find it in my heart to love all men and women. And I look for the good in all people. And like most Humans, each group probably has enough Good and Evil to go around. I choose to focus on the Good....Love One Another, my friend....

2) Let's create a theoretical; Jason, you and your friends could be placed on that happy, Utopian world of "Terra White, Blue Eyed, European Male" world that had no Blacks, Jews, Gays, Women with independent thought, Asians, Native Americans, Democrats or Federal Agents (Did I leave anybody out?). It was just one big White Guy Oktoberfest with endless Beer, Sausage, and Syphillis (probably "invented" by Jews, huh?). In all seriousness, Human History has taught us that as long as there is Hate in our Heart (which is the REAL underlying problem), we will, in short order, FIND someone to hate. In short order, Blue Eyed Whites will look down on those with brown or green eyes; Former German Whites will feel themselves superior to Former American Whites; Former Northern Whites will despise Former Southeren Whites. There will inevitably be White "haves" and White "have nots". The point? YOU GET MUCH CLOSER TO THE "UTOPIA" YOU ENVISION BY A)LOVING ONE ANOTHER B) CELEBRATING OUR DIVERSITY AND C)ACCENTUATING THE GOOD THAT WE ALL BRING.

3) America's Strength IS in Her Diversity. Enough said...

4) For what it's worth, the majority of people on Welfare Roles in the U.S. and Canada are white. But you know...SO WHAT?

The Key? Love one another…(from an American,Independent Voting, Heterosexual, non-Federal Agent, Black Guy who has a job, an advanced degree, no illigitimate kids and can’t play a LICK of basketball…)