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Jason Baran

In response to Akicita: “In recent years, the advocates of multiculturalism claimed that the Founding Fathers borrowed ideas for the Constitution of the United States from the Iroquois Indians (the League of Five Nations), organized in the 1500’s. The fifth-grade school text United States and Its Neighbors (1993) uncritically proclaims this historical fiction…Along with the myth that the Iroquois confederacy helped shape the American Constitution is the fabrication that the League of Five Nations was a prototype of democracy. Multiculturalists fail to note that Lewis H. Morgan, the foremost nineteenth-century authority on the Iroquois, and someone who lived among them, reported that the Iroquois had no minority or majority voting process. Debates and political give-and-take also were not part of the League’s procedures. The confederacy was not a democracy; rather, Morgan called it an oligarchy (Lewis H Morgan, League of Hodenosaunee or Iroquois, Rochester, NY.; Sage and Brother, 1851, p. 111) An oligarchy consists of the rule of an entrenched few who are typically replaced by individuals like themselves.” Exerpt from: The Menace of Multiculturalism Trojan Horse in America, Alvin J. Schmidt, p. 52)