Jason Baran

Mr. Mooney, what type of “rational” science are you referring to? Darwin’s bizarre monkey-man theory that exists for the sole purpose of promoting Communism? Marx wanted to dedicate his Communist Manifesto to Charles Darwin. Yes, people who promote soul-murdering doctrines should be put to death in the name of God. As St. Thomas Aquinas points out in his Summa Theologica, a heretic is worse than a murderer because a heretic is a murderer of souls. So if people who kill the body receive the death penalty, how much more deserving of the death penalty are those who kill the soul? The earth is not overpopulated, the entire world population could fit into Texas. But I do agree that the White man should stop paying coloreds to breed via welfare and giving aid to the Third World, etc. The White birth rate is falling due to miscegenation, birth prevention pills, condoms, infanticide (abortion), etc., whereas the colored population is exploding. The only people “spreading ignorance” are pompous arrogant leftists such as yourself.