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Jason Baran

Well, I have to disagree with Hyok on this one. I do think that there is some constructive value in debating with JRB, because it seems to me that, although he holds a lot opinions that I personally feel are indefensible (I don’t see the overwhelming need or benefit, for example, to keep the “White race” “pure”), he creates such strong feelings that no one can resist calling him names instead of mastering themselves long enough to actually marshall some facts that might change his mind. At the same time, I’ve read some of his stuff on other posts that have made me think about things, so people need to be aware that maybe the reverse will also be true - that JRB might come up with something that will make you change your mind. (And if your reaction to that is something along the lines of “No way will that racist SOB ever convince me of anything!”, then I might gently suggest that you’re just as blinkered as everyone accuses him of being.) So I think this topic is a great idea. Go Akicita! And by the way, just so everyone’s clear: I don’t agree with most of what JRB writes, and I’m definitely not any kind of white supremicist. It just pisses me off that people seem to think shouting someone down is an acceptable form of rational debate.