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Jason Baran

Dang it, I started this thread to debate you, and then my post wasn’t accepted. Maybe it was too long, so here’s just part of it:

The Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Iroquois League) was governed by a “Great Law” that our founding fathers freely ADMITTED was the inspiration for the U.S. Constitution. (REF: Johansen, Bruce E. “Dating the Iroquois Confederacy.” Akwesasne Notes, New Series vol. 1, #3/4, pp62-63.) features of the Great Law include “the establishment of a federation with separate powers for Federal and state Governments; provisions for the common defense; representative democracy at the Federal and local levels; separate legislative branches that debate issues and reconcile disagreements; checks and balances against excessive powers; rights of popular nomination and recall…” (REF: Mander, Jerry. In the Absence of the Sacred. Sierra Club Books, San Francisco. 1991. pp235-6.)

More to come–that’ll be a start.