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Jason Baran

It is obvious that Jason is well-read…well-read in the slant that he chooses. I think it is pretty hopeless to have constructive discussion with the guy. A constructive discussion is where people exchange their views in a manner in which there is a possibility, however remote, that people can learn from each other. People may change their views based on new information presented by the others. Basically what we have here is arguing about the color of the sky. Is there any possibility of conveying to a colorblind person what it is like to perceive the color blue? Obviously not. Jason approaches every discussion with the intent to “educate” us. He takes the view that since he is so sure that he is right, any opinion that does not agree with his own, must, by virtue of elimination, be wrong. It is obvious that he has no respect for any of the other readers of T-mag. It is also quite obvious how hypocritical he is by how he shows the utmost respect for the T-mag staff because he needs training/pharmocological info, but he sees no reason to show anyone else the same sort of respect. I think we should let Jason be, and not interact with him. Interaction with him implies that one can change his opinion in some way, but that obviously will not happen. Plus, even if you accept that you can’t change his opinion and you just want to verbally beat him up, does anyone really believe than one can “humiliate” anyone else by what they write? Who’s to be the judge? I’d rather watch hand-to-hand combat–at least it’ll be clear who won. The only thing dealing with Jason will result in is endless arguing back and forth, relegating this board to the ranks of the thousands of other out-of-control boards out there. Let’s give Jason what he dreads the most, not insults and diatribes, but the silent treatment. Even as I write this, I realize that there will always be new visitors to the board who will not be able to help but spar with him (sigh), but let’s leave it at that. Let’s let the newcomers argue with him and let Jason rant all he wants.