Jasmincar's Training Log

I’ll be starting this log monday
It’s 531 with an extra arm day

what I did last max week

Deadlift 4305 (my strength)
Squat 335
6 (last 2 reps with a pause)
Bench 2353 (BB bench is my weakness)
Military Press 165

If you think I am making thing up or a troll I can send a video of my lift with a mardi gras mask
but I probably wont


I posted my training earlier today
didn’t appear

lol fuck this log


Deadlift 4556
Squat 1rm: 365
Bench: 250
MPress: 1852
bb curls 135

still progressing.

goals the next 3 months: pessimist optimist

            bench       265*1          275*2
            squat       385*1          405*1
            deadlift    455*8          500*(3-4)
            mpress      185*2          185*4

we’ll see in three months

if anyone with some sort of knowledge is reading that log I have a problem: Whatever I can deadlift once I can deadlift for reps. Wtf is wrong with me?

^couldnt edit (can a mod help me please?)

also bb curl 135*5

goals for 3 month

       pessismist      optimist               

bench 2651 2752
squat 3851 4051
deadlift 4558 5004
mpress 1853 1855

Now if someone knowledgable is reading this I have a problem: anything I can pull once I can pull it 4-5 times. What is wrong with me?

stopped doing flat bench, back squat and military press

I do incline Bench and front squat instead. Dont do much for the shoulders now

I’ll post some updated goals in a week or two

^dont do that for fuck sake

Def. a turning point for me