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Jas0917 TRT Log

The doctors offices around me that take my insurance are unfortunately not taking new patients and closed due to covid-19. So it looks like I’ll be on my own for the time being.

My main issue is fatigue. I constantly have this brain fog feeling and feel like I could take naps whenever I want despite working out 3 to 4 days a week and eating fairly clean.

Going to get TT, free T, e2, TSH, t3 free, t4 free, and t3 reverse tests out of pocket. Pisses me off I pay for insurance and STILL have to end up paying out of pocket because of incompetent doctors. Anyways any other labs you guys recommend?

Add TPO antibodies and SHBG. Direct free T isn’t necessary if you have total T and SHBG

I got my shbg tested a few weeks ago already and it was 22. It shouldnt change too much should it? Also is there anything tpo antibodies will be able to help with? It will just basically tell me if I have hashimotos right? Or is there a way to adjust that number and possibly help my symptoms as well

It will tell you if you have Hashimotos. If it’s positive you’d be wise to get an ultrasound, and most doctors would be good with that.

Got my labs done recently. Was on 150mg test e per week split between 2 injections for 8 weeks then bumped up to 200mg after not noticing much of a change. Been on 200mg for about 3 weeks which is what these bloods are showing. My TT has gone up about 150 and FT has gone up about 115. I’m only showing these labs because my CBC, CMP, etc all came out great (if curious I can link them in a comment). I’m also on 110mcg per day of levothyroxine.

My main symptoms have been low libido, ED, no motivation, low feelings, bad sleep where I wake up many times, sleepiness during the day and hard to get out of bed, and brain fog. Symptoms dont seem to have improved since upping my dose but idk if they really feel worse either. My diet is okay but not the best, no junk food. I lift 3 or 4 days a week and my weight has been going up but not sure if its water weight. I cant tell if it’s just water retention though but nobody has said I look bloated.

Curious as to what you guys think about my labs? My Vit D is in range but on the low side. I’m not sure about the D2 and D3 since theres no range. Thyroid seems okay now. E2 is high but I think the T/E ratio is okay? I’m getting a sleep study done next week. If that comes out okay then I’m completely lost on what the problem could be.

Thoughts on my labs? Any advice?

Looks pretty solid to me. I would supplement 5000iu vitamin d3 daily (or add that on to whatever you’re taking now). Give the new dose more time. How is your caffeine intake?

Caffeine intake is pretty low or maybe normal not sure. 1 soda per day, sometimes not even that.

I took my sleep study a couple nights ago and I’m waiting on the results. I think the results are going to be really inaccurate though because it was hard as hell to sleep with that thing hooked up to me lol.

I’ve been taking 10,000iu vit d the past week or so and I’m about to drop it down to 5,000iu. Just wanted to bump the number up now I’ll try to keep it steady.

If neither of these are the cause of my issues I’m going to be completely lost. Unless for some reason my TRT dose is off but with the way my bloods look it doesnt seem likely at all. Though I did start at 150mg per week then moved to 200mg per week I’m wondering if for some reason ill just do better on a smaller dose like 100mg.

I don’t feel much from TRT either. I do get the added increase in muscle. Just not the real good stuff: libido

I’m on 150mg once per week and not feeling much. I may jump to 200mg a week soon.

I’d think if it were TOO much, i’d feel something negative. But i don’t.

Are you feeling anything at 150/week?

I’m on 200 a week now. Was on 150 a week for about 8 or 9 weeks. It’s been like 3 weeks on 200 per week. Doesnt feel like really any difference.

When I first started TRT I could feel more affects for the first few weeks but nothing major then it kind of leveled off. I figured it was because my test was around 900ish before injections (but I was on clomid that’s why it was at 900 otherwise normally I’m low T). The clomid just made me feel like crap. So I assumed my natural test PLUS the injections my test was very high hence some mild symptom relief. Then im assuming after a month with my natural test being shut down I was only feeling the injected test. Results were unnoticeable. Upped to 200mg and it’s still not really noticeable. Still no libido or sex drive. Muscle gain I think is better. And everything else is the same. Dont feel worse dont feel better. Honestly if I could just increase my sex drive and energy I’d be happy. I hate looking at girls and thinking more of how they are beautiful like a work of art than wow I want a piece of that lol.

That’s why I’m almost thinking my issue is something not T related although I still feel I need TRT because my test was low. Maybe if i figure out my other issue the TRT results will be more noticeable, like if this sleep study proves I just dont sleep well and dont know it. I just talked to the doctor today and have my appt scheduled for next Wednesday so I’ll know then. My bloodwork looks pretty great to me so idk anymore.

You sound very similar to me. Just really don’t feel much from TRT, good or bad. That’s why i wonder if i just need more of it to feel something. I don’t know.

The reason i started it was for libido. But really have felt nothing.

I am starting to play around with preg and dhea. I remember at one point in the past on some other protocol, i believe they triggered libido.

Let me know if you find something that works for you. Once I get my sleep study results next week if they say I need a CPAP machine I’m going to see if getting better sleep helps. If that doesnt work or if they say my sleep is fine I’m going to be looking into other supps to stack with my TRT

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Apparently my sleep study came back fine. They said they think the problem I have with my sleep is allergies… which i’ve never had any that I know of. I told them I use nasal strips when I sleep and can breathe fine with that on and they still said it’s probably allergies affecting my breathing. Soooo back to being confused with whats wrong with me lol

Been supplementing Maca 3g per day for about 2 weeks with no changes. Anybody have any better ideas on how to increase libido?

Still not feeling much from 200mg per week except for muscle gain. At least nothing real noticeable. No boost in confidence, no mood changes, libido and erections still weak.

Have you had any success @roscoe88 with dhea or anything? I’m still at a loss of wtf to do

Have you tried a lower dose of test? 120mg/week? I found the lower doses I was on were better for libido, higher doses I needed an AI to have an effect on libido.

Here is a summary of my protocol history. I did all of these for 6 to 8 weeks each, just experimenting.

120mg T - great libido
150mg T - amazing libido
175mg T - good libido
200mg T - so-so libido
200mg T with 0.25mg arimidex - amazing libido

There’s a lot you can try. Just be systematic about what you do, record how you feel, and give it time.

If you’re going to add another drug, HCG or AI, just do one at a time, and start with the smallest effective dose. Get bloods after 6 week, then make another change. Rinse and repeat.

Maybe I need to drop down to 125mg? I started on 150mg, nothing after 2 months so upped to 200mg. Feel the exact same. My E is high but Test to e2 ratio is good so idk if an ai is a good idea

I’d try the lower dose for sure. You can always go up again. See what it does.

Wont it take another 2 months to see how I feel on that dose? Just kind of nervous about feeling like crap for 2 months, only to end up feeling way worse, then yet another 2 months if I re up my dose.

I personally felt the difference within a week or two of my protocol changes. But everyone is different. If you don’t change something, you’ll just feel like crap indefinitely.