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Jarhead the Movie


I originally picked up the Jarhead book after reading Shugart's blog review on it.

I can't exactly remember if he said that it was totally amazing or just pretty good, but when I read it I thought it was totally fuckin sweet. I would be at work craving to go home and read the book.

And then just the other day I saw a preview for the fuckin movie!! From the preview it seemed like they had a lot of stuff in there that was in the book and nothing that looked too unfamiliar which means they're going right along the lines of the book. If this is true, I'm gonna be at the theaters every free minute I have watching that movie.


Here's the book review link:


Saw the movie preview myself over the weekend. Looked like a good one.

BTW, Swofford, the author, has a monthly column in Details magazine that's pretty good.


I've heard that it's about a shitbird Marine that's a disgrace to the Corps, just what I've heard though, i haven't read the book, but I'll probably still be there when it opens up and join my fellow Brothers at the theater.


If its anything like the book, then its totally not true.

BTW, Shugs (or anybody else thats read the book) I hope they include the part about his training in Okinawa - Japanese babes always make a movie 10x better (just think of Kill Bill 1).


I liked the book and I'll have to see the movie.

If you read the book, I think you'll find Swafford maybe didn't have his head screwed on but he wasn't a total shitbag. He was ready to kill for the devil dog next to him. A man's got to respect that.


funny you should mention this, as I'm about 3/4 done with the book now. Swoff's a pretty odd man, but so far I find it interesting.