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Daily Seven: A series of seven exercises a marine must perform daily in order to stay physically fit.

I was just curious what these seven exercises were?- I searched Google but had no luck. Anybody know?-


Depnds dude,

Push ups
Sit(curl) ups
Toe touches
Mountain Climbers
Flutter Kicks
Hello Dolly's
Helen Keller's
Sun gods
Side Straddle Hops (jumping jacks)
8 count bodybuilders
Squat Thrusts
Dive bombs
Diamond pushups
Sugar cookie (done in the sand)
Monkey Fuckers
Jazz Hands

There are a bunch more, that's just a sampling...

The PT leader usually picks seven of those excersizes to do along with stretching before the fire team, squad, platoon, company, battalion, steps off for the run.



Ahhh... the daily seven or sixteen followed by a 3-5 mile formation run. So boring, lol. I spent 4yrs in the Core and never heard of any offical set of exercises, we usually just ended up doing some combination of pushups, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, sit-ups, mountain climbers, leg lifts, etc. Just depended on who was running PT at that time.


Every unit I went to had a different set of "daily 7". Everything was in a 3 count, by 3 count I mean 1-2-3 ONE 1-2-3 TWO. The exercises consisted of push ups, side straddle hops "jumping jacks", sit up, mountain climbers, squats, calf raises, 8 count body builders "variation of the burpie" and the list goes on. I think that shit got replaced with the daily 16. The daily 16 consisted of stretching along with the exercises. It changes according to who is running PT. If you got some salty SSgt running it you will do some old school shit like side bends and steam engines. Now you got some motovated Cpl running PT you may wind up doing 4 sets of 3 count push ups for a count of 20. I think I may have some old shit that my recruiter gave me when I was in the DEP.

Give me some..PT..
Good for you..
Good for me..
Ooh mother fucking Rah!!
That shit gives me goose bumps writing about it.


MONKEY FUCKERS! those are great when the WM's wear silkies. All moose knukle!


Oh Shit, how could I forget Moto runs with cadance, the only time I liked running.

Mama and Papa laying in bed...
Papa turned over and this is what he said...
Give me some..PT..
Good for you..
Good for me..
1 mile..not enough..
2 mile..getting better..


What are you Monkey Fuckers?


Corp not core.

Ooohh Rrraaahh!


So who's goin to see the movie, huh?


read the thread about the movie


Right, that'll teach me to reread what I typed before I hit submit.


Monkey Fuckers:
I've seen a few variations, but the most common is: Grab your ankles, bend your knees (squat), still holding your ankles, stand up, repeat.


Is corp allowed? I only remember seeing corps.


Comes from the latin corpus, spelled corps and pronouced core. A corps is roughly 2-3 divisions. The Marine Corps has 3 active divisions. An Army has 2 or more corps. In comparision the U.S. Army currently has 4 active corps.


Monkey Fuckers!!! HAHA. That's the most embarrassing exercise we ever had to do...especially if there were chics around. I was at a Joint Forces base for two years and we always got cattle calls from the other services when we did Fuckers. They fry the shit out of your hams, though. Like everyone has said so far...the Daily Seven is whatever exercises the Platoon Sgt feels like doing that day. In my Platoon we'd go around the circle after each exercise and the Plt Sgt would pick someone to name and lead the next exercise. It gave all the nugs a chance to lead the platoon during PT. We almost always did jumping jacks first for some reason.


Good morning Marines, My name is Sgt McNary, our first excerices will be side stradle hops, Side stradle hops is a 4 count excersise. I will count the cadence you will count the repititions.... starting positions.. OhhRaa

sorry.. I was messin around with one of my clients the other day (im a persona trainer) and ran him threw some Marine Corps PT and gave him a sample of every day life.


Where can we find a description of some of exercises listed?


I stand corrected. "Jumping Jacks" are NOT a Marine Corps exercise. However, "Side Straddle Hops" are. I've been out two years and civilian terminology has already infected me. You gave me some serious flashbacks with that post, though. Ooh rah Sgt.