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Jarhead - Great Movie


I just got back from seeing Jarhead. It mototvated me to go home, put on my uniform and go yell Marine Corps shit at random people. The movie overall gave a glimpse of what it is like to be in the Corps and how we fuck shit up when we get bored and need entertainment. The boot camp scene was a little weak but the only movie in history to come close was Full Metal Jacket and that was a little tamed compared to boot. A must see for all Marines.

Semper Fi
Ooh Rah!


Just saw it tonight as well, definitely a must-see. I don't have the honor of relating to it as a Marine myself, but they did a great job with it in my outside-observers mind.

I was surprised at how much focus was put on the guys worrying about what their girls were doing back home, but I guess that's a major concern for the guys serving in reality.

Anyway, go see it, I don't recommend many movies because the majority of them suck, but this was a pretty good one.


I just got home from the movie. I went to see it with two buddies that I was in a STA Plt with in the early 80s. Our only complaint (aside from not enough violence) was how often the guys in the movie lost their cool. I never saw Marines act like such a bunch of cry babies. Otherwise the dialog, antics and boredom were accurate.

Semper fi.


I have not seen the movie (going to see it Tuesday) but you Marines are champions. I dont know that I could do what you do, but you are champions. Semper Fi.


Yeah, I agree with your sentiment about the cry baby shit. It is a movie, however.

I was in a STA platoon, and the little things were surprisingly accurate. I like when they pay attention to the little things.


Fucking awesome movie! I'm not a marine my self but damned as hell if my respect didnt just kick up a knotch. 5 out of 5 stars in my book.


I read the book and saw the movie, and I think they put those parts where they were crying and shit in the movie to make them appear more human to their audience. I liked the book better as they did change certain parts of the storyline to fit movie format. Still thought it was pretty good though.


A big part of being over seas is thinking about wives and girlfriends and what they are doing. I had a few Marines im my Platoon who had girlfriends pull shit like that all the time. I like how they showed the bond that they all had b/c that is sometimes the only family that you have.

Semper Fi


I think the most pathetic depiction of Marines on screen was the Recon Plt in Heartbreak Ridge. In my entire stint in the Corps I never met such a group of fuck-ups and losers as they portrayed in that movie. Gunny Highway and SgtMaj "Chooz" were the only two characters who didn't have their head up their ass. Looking forward to seeing Jarhead, though. I haven't seen a good Marine Corps movie in a while. Every few weeks I have to "run home to mama" and watch Gunny Ermey on Mail Call.


Im goin to see it in a few hours. Im glad all you guys gave it such good reviews


This is the best Marine Corps movie I've seen so far. Most of the dialog sounded like Marines and nobody was referred to as a soldier which seems to happen to every movie with Marines.


As always, Jamie Foxx delivers huge. All of the actors in this movie were phenomenal, almost looked like you were watching a documentary of the corps.


I was beginning to worry that the movie might end up with an anti-military slant, since I had read that the book portrays the Marines in a negative light, and that boy who plays the lead seems to choose roles that lean a bit to the left (gay cowboy, anyone?).

I'm glad to see Marines giving the movie their thumbs up; now I'll have to check it out.


The book does not portray the Marines in a negative slant, it gives a realist insight into the mind of a former Marine and his experiences throughout. What I took away from the book was that this guy loved the Marines, his experiences as a part of them, and his comrades in arms.


future brother in law is currently going through training, already done with basic. He apparently went and saw it and said it portrays the marine corps badly. My argument is that a.) it is a movie, b.) there are always gonna be people that are not the white light, halo above their heads types no matter where you go. I plan on seeing it on saturday between a good military movie and a good hard hitting football movie I get hooked quick.


Is anyone truly hoping that a movie would gloss over all negative aspects of the military or the Marine Corps to make a movie? They call that "propaganda". I would rather realism over souped up over-positive tripe any day. I plan to see this movie as well as most reviews have been pretty good.


I thought the movie was very good overall, the performances were outstanding. I also thought it was what it was, one man recounting his personal experience, not an attempt to represent the entire military experience for every Marine who has ever served. I thought it was made really clear that every character had or came away with a different perspective.

On a technical note, did it feel "small" to anyone else? It seemed to me that in some scenes there just needed more, more people or...something, it felt a little T.V movie-ish in parts. Or was that realistic?

Anyway I did not come away with any feeling of negativity towards the Marines, it is not breaking news that there are aspects of military service that are unpleasant. More than anything movies like this deepen my respect and appreciation for those who serve.


You would make your decision to see a movie based on apparent "slant" of previous roles the actor has portrayed?

Will you also wait for the chickens to weigh in before you see Chicken Little?

Why not just read the book or see the movie without worrying what anybody else thinks about it and develop your own independent opinion.


No offence to your future brother in law but he hasn't been out in the shit yet, so, technically he's a devil dog with no real time experience. So, he's basing his opinion on all the false bravado that is preached in the core training phases of being a Marine. Not that it's a bad thing, Marines need to have that sort of "bulletproof" persona, but ask him how he feels about the film after he gets back from a real deployment...

My view is that they had to cram an entire deployment into one movie, so of course the emotional shit which rarely occurs was more prevalent. It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen.

You factor fatigue, monotony, hunger, boredom and the threat of being waxed at any moment into any situation and you'll find that your emotions are much closer to the surface, in my opinion anyway.

As for Jake Dillenhall (sp?)

Kid is a good actor, I don't care what people say... He has chosen roles that might not make him an A-lister, but the roles he's played have been entertaining to say the least. "Day After Tomorrow" comes to mind. Being able to act like that with no real sets, having to drum up motivation to act in green screen can't be easy...

He would have made a better Spiderman than Tobey Mcguire but that's just me...



Hey Sabrina, not to sound like a dick or anything, you didn't know... but in the future would you please capitolize Marine? Thanks, we've earned it.