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Jared's 5/3/1 and Kettlbell Log


Been a long time lurker on this site and decided to take the plunge and start a log. I am 28 years old, 6'4 222lbs, married of 4 years and have a 2 year old son. In 2010 I tipped the scales at 300lbs but I got hooked on running in 2011 and dropped to 190. Started lifting in 2012 and after a couple of years of lifting I am at the weight I am today and never felt better. I am currently running 5/3/1 2 days a week with the SVR Template from the Beyond 5/3/1 Book and using kettlebells for conditioning 2-3 days a week. My kettlebell workouts are taken from Pavel's book Enter the Kettlebell. I do snatches on 1 day and 2 hand swings on another along with some other work. My time for snatches and swings is dictated by the roll of a dice.

Goals at the moment are to get stronger and keep conditioning levels decent. Maybe try a powerlifting meet somewhere down the road.

Recent lifts I hit the past two weeks were Joker PR's (Singles) for me. Bench Press: 260lbs, Squat: 345lbs, Deadlift: 455lbs, Overhead Press: 185lbs

Current Training Maxes (pounds):
Deadlift: 395
Back Squat: 335
Bench Press: 240
Overhead Press: 175

8/4/2014 Workout
5/3/1 Squat Day (70%,80%,90%)
Back Squat: 235x3, 270x3, 300x5
Rack Pull (Mid Shin): 5x5 315
Decline Sit Ups: 3x10 w/ 10lb plate behind head
Back Extensions: 3x10 w/ 10lb plate on chest

Felt pretty good today. Recently hit 300lbs for 3 reps last cycle so it was nice hitting a 2 rep PR. Today was the first day I have done rack pulls and 315 for 5x5 felt pretty good.


8/5/2014 Workout

Kettlebell Swing Workout
KB Swings: 80lbs x 73 in 3:00

Conditioning Circuit x 3 rounds
Burpees x 10
80lb KB Swings x 10
Spiderman Push-ups x 10
80lb KB Swings x 10
V-Ups x 10
80lb KB Swings x 10
Jumping Lunges x 10
80lb KB Swings x 10

Rolled the dice (app on my phone) and lucky me, I rolled a 3. I went 50 straight swings at the start then went 15 and 8 to finish. Did this workout outside so my hands were getting very sweaty and making the kettlebell even more slick. I sweat like a hog anyway but adding 90 degree weather makes me look like I jumped in a swimming pool. My 80 lb Kettlebell is by CAP Barbell and has a glossy finish. Eventually will scrape the paint off of the handle so it is not as slippery. The circuit was something a friend of mine put together who loves bodyweight training. He just recently started doing kettlebell workouts with me and this was a good mix that both of us enjoy.


Good on you for starting a log. I'm a fellow kettlebell enthusiast; I used to be more of a heavy barbell lifter but today my training is predominantly kettlebell workouts, bodyweight stuff, and yoga. I'll be following your log for some ideas!


Thanks ActivitiesGuy! I have looked on your log as well and noticed you were a fellow kettlebell'er!! I currently own a 35, 55, and 80lb Kettlebells. My kettlebell workouts are mostly timed workouts but try to get creative with different variations of carries or bodyweight stuff after the timed set. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend checking out Dan John's 10,000 Swing Challenge. That was the workout where I was bitten by the kettlebell bug.


I love movies and think I am 1 out of the 5 people left in the world who still gets blu-ray rentals from Netflix in the mail. My queue has the following in this order: Divergent, God is Not Dead, Non-Stop, and Willow (childhood favorite of mine). I got my e-mail that said they were sending That Awkward Moment with Zac Efron because all of the others were on "Very Long Wait."

I'm sure this will be a pretty funny movie but I was more pissed that couldn't even get Willow so I could expose my 2 year old son to the awesome adventures of Madmartigan and Willow!!!! Of course I could look at Willow being on "Very Long Wait" as at least some people in this world still have awesome taste in movies!! 1st World Problems!!!!!!!


8/7/14 Workout

5/3/1 Bench Press Day (70%,80%,90%)
Bench: 170x3, 195x3, 220x6
Overhead Press: 5x5 140
Barbell Row: 5x10 140

220 for 6 reps was a +2 rep PR. Benching has been a very slow work in progress but has been coming around the past few months. A friend of mine at the gym says my long arms are a disadvantage but that to me means I just have to work that much harder. I always clean the first rep on all of my sets of overhead presses. I pause for several seconds so I'm not using momentum to press the weight up. Had to use 140 for barbell rows just because I was running low on time and had to get back to work. I hit all of my goals I set for myself today so I guess you could say it was a productive day!


8/8/14 Workout
Kettlebell Snatch Workout
KB Snatch: 55lbs x 60 reps in 3:00
Ab Wheel Super-set with 80lb KB Swings: 5x10

Settled for a 2.5 mile walk with my wife and son as opposed to going to the track for sprints.

55lb Goblet Squats while watching TV just to stretch my hips out.

60 reps in the KB Snatch went very well. I got 25L-25R-5L-5R before the timer ran out. Short term goal is to nail the RKC Snatch test of 100 reps in 5 mins with the 55lb KB and long term is to get 200 in 10 mins. Last time I did a 5 min snatch workout I got 88 several weeks ago so I'm knocking on the door. It was nice going for a walk with my family on Saturday. The weather was perfect for a 10:30 walk. Goblet Squats yesterday was mainly for mobility and stretching. Holding a deep squat and moving around in the bottom position does wonders for my hips and mobility.


This is where I got the inspiration for my "100 clean and presses each hand" fitness test (I do more clean-and-presses than snatches because my apartment has a pretty low ceiling and once I brushed the ceiling doing a snatch...so I can only do snatches when I go outside)

Nonetheless, I think it's a really cool standard!


Your test sounds more scary than the snatch test!! Both require excellent cardiovascular endurance and grip. My issue so far has been at the 75 rep mark I am breathing pretty hard and grip is wearing down. I think it's more mental than anything. Once I hit my goals in the snatch I may have to try your test with the 80lb Kettlebell I have!


Don't get all impressed...I do them with a 45-pound kettlebell and give myself a lot more time (my goal is to one day perform 100 reps per hand in 20 minutes; my best time to date is 21:45, although lately I have shifted from doing 100 reps per hand every workout to just doing "as many as I can do comfortably in 20 minutes" - usually coming in the 60-70 range unless I really push and take virtually no rest).


8/11/2014 Workout

5/3/1 Deadlift Day (70%,80%,90%)
Deadlift: 270x3, 310x3, 355x10
Front Squat: 5x5 195
Decline Sit Ups: 3x10 w/ 10lb plate behind head
Back Extensions: 3x10 w/ 10lb plate on chest

Deadlift form felt spot on today. Had probably 3-5 more reps left in the tank but 10 was a good number to cap deadlifts. Front Squats felt good as well. Some days front squats feel heavy when I un-rack the bar no matter what weight I use but I would say all 5 sets felt smooth. Didn't realize my abs were still sore from Friday's workout until I did the sit-ups. I neglected core for a couple of months until recently. Won't make that mistake again. My lifts are feeling a lot stronger and a hell of a lot more stable.


8/12/2014 Workout

Kettlebell Swing Workout
KB Swings: 80lbs x 110 in 6:00

Conditioning Circuit x 3 rounds
Burpees x 10
80lb KB Swings x 10
Spiderman Push-ups x 10
80lb KB Swings x 10
V-Ups x 10
80lb KB Swings x 10
Jumping Lunges x 10
80lb KB Swings x 10

Was pretty sore from yesterday's workout and my swing performance suffered a little. My butt, hamstrings, and lower back were burning about 4 minutes in. The last 2 minutes was just trying to get as many as I could with decent form and not just heave the weight up. The bodyweight exercises felt good. The jump lunges help stretch my quads out and made them feel much better. Now I get to look forward to an evening of pushing my mower around the yard to get some grass cut!! YAY (MAJOR SARCASM THERE!)


Nice log!


Thanks furo! Hopefully I can catch up to you in the get up strength someday. Of course by then you will have moved on to "The Beast" and left me in the dust!


Not at all man! You doing 110 80lb swings in 6min is hugely impressive, I'm certain I couldn't do that. I like your snatch test goal, I've always thought that would be a great thing to train for but I've never done it.


S&S helped a lot for laying the foundation for learning the snatch. All that was left to learn was the high pull and how to punch through the kettlebell to not let it bang your forearm and then reverse the motion. Took some practice. It's my favorite of all of the kettlebell moves. For a while my spirit was stronger than my hands as Pavel puts it but my hands got stronger and more resilient as time moved along. I can't recommend learning the snatch enough. Great exercise!


8/14/14 Workout

5/3/1 Overhead Press Day (70%,80%,90%)
Overhead Press: 125x3, 140x3, 155x6
Bench Press: 5x5 195
Chin Ups: 10x5 Bodyweight (different grips)

Maybe had a 7th rep on the presses but it would've been a grinder and my goal was to get 6 today. Bench Press always feels a little funny on the first set after doing Overhead Press but I get settled in after that. I drug myself to the chin up bar and was feeling really good about my first 2-3 sets of chins. Felt powerful and pretty easy. This older military guy (he's a beast) walks up and asks to work in. I wanna say this guy is in his 50's. He starts banging out pull ups like it's nothing. I wanna say 20 on the first set. I was feeling good about trying to get my 50 reps in today until I saw him get to 50 in 2 sets when it took me 10. He was doing super-sets of seated military presses with the chin ups and he just kept popping the pull-up reps like it was nothing. Said he tries to do 100 per workout. He got his 100 the time it took me to get my 50! I workout in a commercial gym so if you even do 2 pull ups/chins you are considered a hero!!!!! It was really cool to watch this guy. Makes me want to work and improve on my chin ups!


This has been my motivation of late to do all the pull-up work. I want to be that guy who can crank out 100 pull-ups over the course of a workout like it's no big deal. Right now I'm proud of the fact that I can do a couple sets of 7 in a row, lol.


I know what you mean!! 10-11 in a row is usually my max if I'm going all out and this guy just absolutely killed it! It was as motivating as seeing a guy in a wheel chair do his pull-ups with the chair strapped to him! From that moment on I said to myself, I have no excuse for skipping on pull up or chin ups again!!! People like that have a way of reminding us how fortunate we really are.


8/15/14 Workout
KB Snatch Workout
KB Snatch: 55lbs x 105 in 6:00
AB Wheel super-set 80lb KB Swings 5x10

8/16/14 Workout
Track Day
5 x 50 yd Sprints
5 x Single Stair Hops
5 x Hill Sprints
5 x Single Stair Sprints

Feeling really good about my snatch results from Friday. I got to 100 just after the 5 min mark and was breathing REALLY hard. Grabbed the kettlebell again with the left hand and cranked out 5 before the timer ran out. Took about 6-7 mins rest before I started the ab wheel and swings. Knocking on the door of my snatch goal!!!

The track I like to go to is pretty cool and it's where I used to go to middle school. It has two levels. On top is a dirt track and at the bottom is a 400m asphalt track and is separated by a large steep hill that has a good number stairs you can go up to get to the top level. I called this my 10 year high school reunion workout because this was an exact workout we used for conditioning when I played basketball. I told myself I would never run or jump stairs again but every time I go there I can't help myself.