Jared on South Park

Did anyone catch South Park tonight? It was ripping on Jared and Subway. Hilarious.

didna catch it but I did see the new Jarod/Jared whatever… commercial for subway, one that shows his wife, she has a nice behind, anywho its just a matter of time till some other fattie deceides to cash in and goes on a McDonald’s diet, eating 1 hamburger or what not a day. We should suggest that on the naafa forum… hmm…

It was a good episode, although I didn’t catch the very beginning. I think my favorite scene was Jared, beating a dead horse. Either that or the kids at the end talking about fooling fatties and shattering their dreams by convincing the fatties to eat something to lose weight that wouldn’t work for them. Such insightful children.

Yeah, i saw it. that was some funny shit. hopefully jared himself saw it and realized how gay he is. i was going histerical about that aids thing.

Hey speaking of naafa… I posted a couple replies to the Fattie who was seeking a bodybuilder boyfriend. They were quickly removed from the thread. This woman was 36 300+ pounds and alone for her entire adult life. She had no interest in sex and after attending a bodybuilding show (The Arnold?) Her flame was re-ignited! www.naafa.org go there and browse the forums… Funny stuff, topics like, “How to make your car fit you” Really!

Funny stuff, did you catch the discussion about what kind of products they use when they are too big to wipe themselves?

That episode of South Park was one of their best. If you haven’t seen it, catch it when its repeated on Saturday night I think. It’s great.

By the way Freebie, your idea is exactly what the South Park kids did. Once they learned Jarod's "secret", they decided to get Butters fat, thin him out again and sell the rights to his story to a restaurant for TV commercials.

Speaking of messing with fatties.A few years back some co-wokers and I were sharing a space with a weightwatchers group.They were so anal.We had to put the chairs back in certain spots and other stupid things I now forget.Anyway we finally got tired of the whining and thought we would have a little fun with the scales.First we would set them to read a couple lbs lighter.Then we’d set em to read a couple lbs heavier.Needless to say we soon got the boot from there.It was worth it though.

Would you like some “shitty beef”?