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Jared Leto Getting in Shape to Play Joker



I'm sure most of you guys saw the pic on social media a week or so ago with Leto sporting the short green hair, banged up teeth, and tatted here n there.

Personally, I thought it looked pretty damn good when compared to certain comic book incarnations of the character.



I don't know about that, but I did enjoy watching Leto get his face shattered by Ed Norton in Fight Club.


I'm glad the movie studio, director, and Leto are taking the Joker in a different direction. He's not touching Ledger's Joker and I'm glad it appears they're not trying to.


here come the angry bodybuilders! "Severe muscles," "hulking out," oh dear.

I did think that the pic of the joker looked pretty cool, though...


I wish they would do the same for the whole batman franchise.


Leto's joker


Here's Affleck's Batman


Ledger was perfect. But it drove him insane. Unfortunate.

Personally, I'm thouroughly enjoying the Daredevil series on Netflix. You think DC would learn from Marvel's mistake by casting Ben Affleck as a superhero.

But we'll see.


Personally can't stand it. Just reminds me of a Hallowe'en Pride parade costume. Also, just confusing that the Joker is apparently going to an Orthodontist.

Not even sure why the Joker would ever be included in the Suicide Squad either in comics or an adaptation. It's not like he is a team player or has enough sense of self preservation to care about threats to his life by Amanda Waller.

But I realized that this was another comic movie that wasn't aimed at the people who read the comics after Will Smith was cast as Deadshot and Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor.


I'm not personally very familiar with Suicide Squad, so I get to avoid any potential build up or hype I guess. I do like Will Smith quite a bit as an actor, but Nolan's films aside, DC seems to make some poor casting choices IMO.



Wont be good as health ledgers joker or will he ? hmm


Well, here's Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. And yes, DC doesn't seem to have the Marvel sense. Though Fantastic Four looks to be another mess of a film.




Smith works for some of the animated versions of Lawton. Like in Assault on Arkham for example.


I don't know about that, still pretty close to the first pic.


I'm just guess that that's the direction they're going (plus star power I guess).





I think that Joker picture of Leto makes him look more like a crack head. He has some stiff competition for Jokers though. Ledger was great and so was Nicholson.


Ledger was/is overrated as the joker. I'll be interested to see where this character goes.