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Jared is coming to town!

I can hardley contain my excitement.
I heard on the radio today that weight loss icon Jared Fogle is coming here, to Grand Forks, North Dakota. That’s right, Jared is on tour. He will be, of course, at Subway where people can come in and meet him. And get this: he will be at the Ralph Englestad Arena to drop the puck for the Fighting Sioux hockey game!
So what do you think fellas - should I go see him?

show up to subway wearing a testosterone t shirt and piss on his leg.

Beat his androgenous ass.

Vader will take care of it for you.

Well, Clay Henry was just here in New Orleans. At least he’s a firefighter, and not a professional fast food eater.

How about giving him a bottle of Tribex?

I’ve got an idea. I’m going to contact McDonald’s HQ and tell them I’ll eat nothing but their food for 12-16 weeks. Here’s the deal: if I come back and nothing’s changed, they owe me nothing. However, if I’ve made a substantial change in my physique, then they agree that I will be their new poster boy and I’ll agree to swear to everyone in the world that I pigged out at McDonald’s every day – and just look at me now! Oh, and I’ll also request they sign a multi-million dollar contract with me.

Unbeknownst to them, I’ll never eat at McDonald’s during that time, and instead do something like Fat to Fire combined with T-Dawg 2, cycle some Mag-10, Tribex, Biotest’s new Hot Rox (due out soon!). It can’t fail!

And then, Jared and I can cruise around the country in our limo, laughing at all the fat, little people that we now scorn so much.

Who is this Jared…?

Sorry I’m from England…

Jared is a guy who lost like 300 pounds by “eating low fat subs at Subway.” Ever since then, he has been in Subway commercials, advocating his Subway diet (losing weight by eating low fat subs at Subway). If you’ve ever seen a Subway commercial, Jared is the nerdy looking guy. In addition, Jared is the butt of nearly half of all jokes here at T-mag.

Jared will be in Grand Forks this Saturday, March 1st. A radio station is even going to interveiw him on the air.

Stubob: Here ya go - www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/176tc.html

Do us all a favor here at the forum: take an easton baseball bat with you in the store and promptly beat that homo to death.

I guess that’s a tad too much to ask though.

Kick him in the sack for me, Patman.


A true american idol !!!

Ask him how he is able to maintain that round soft look. It takes work ya know!

How does he ever find all that energy to go out and rake his yard? Oh my gosh! That is some fucking hardcore shit man.

Press your face and rippling muscles against the Subway windows as you stuff ice cream and hot dogs down your gullet.

Thanks TEK.

It’s all become clear now…

We have 112 subways in England but I’ve never been in one, and I don’t think there is one locally.

I just went to the English site and it has a picture of Jared Fogle.

Theres a Jared army as well, people who were inspired by Jared…

Very amusing…


To Patman and Stubob – one IMPORTANT fact of the subway diet is that you have to WALK to and from the subway. It really begs the question: Did he lose the weight because of the sandwiches, or because of the walking? Standard snake-oil salesmanship.

Give Jared a Break!

While Jared will never be the pinnacle of fitness, he sure is a lot better of physically, menatlly and financially after losing all that weight.

He is obviously not an example for any of us, but if your 400 pound mom, dad, or sibling lost 200 lbs and was able to return to some semblance of a normal life, I think you’d be happy for that person.

Is the subway diet a healthy diet? It’s not what I’d recommend, but it’s not a bad choice when your looking for a meal and have nothing but fast food places to choose from - in fact, it’s probably one of the better choices.

So, give the guy a break! He made a big change and is capitilizing on it.

I do agree that Jared should be respected, if not admired, for the huge change he made. However, I do not agree with the way he is promoting “eating at Subway” as the sole reason for his weight loss. I understand he’s getting a shitload of money, and many people would do the same thing; but what about everyone wasting their money at Subway? It’s a great deal for Jared, but a shitty deal for the general public.


That’s a great idea!

Patman - I think you bring up a pretty good point, but I still think that the low fat subway sandwiches are not the epitome of junk food. Frankly, I’ll take one of those over Slimfast any day.

And at least he got some exercise and continues to talk about doing some exercise as part of the process.

So I still maintain that low intensity exercise coupled with eating a couple of low fat subway sandwiches is better than a sedentary life full of junk food.