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Jared Fogle

Since when is this guy still popular? How long has he been riding his 15 minutes?

Why doesn’t he do something about those eyebrows?

They are not eyebrows, they’re mini subs.

Have you seen the latest commercial? Congress askes him “Did you ingest anything that changed your body?”

He says “Yes”…

they ask “You got this over the counter?”

That’s pretty funny AND stupid.

What a BORING dude. I can’t understand why subway uses him.

because he was a huge fatass that got thin on ONLY subway sandwhiches… if they can get every fatass in america to follow the “Jared Diet” for even a month…wow, thats some profit. It costs me 10 bucks to get a footlong combo there now.

It’s not like he’s paying out of pocket to appear on TV.

He’s just cashing the checks Subway pays him to have him appear in commercials. If you don’t like him, then vote with your wallet and don’t eat at Subway.

He’s been around for years now, so I guess Subway’s marketing departement is pleased with the response they get.

He also probably appeals more to the “average Joe” than some megastar. He’s the textbook definition of average Joe. He’s plain (not cute, not ugly), average build (down from being a fatty). Doesn’t sing or dance or entertain in any way…

I just think the mere fantasy of thinking Jared would need any kind of chemical assistance to go from a big fat pile to a little fat pile is pathetic. I don’t like how the uninformed masses through around the topic of steroids with such casual disregard when they are painfully ignorant of the subject. It is public opinion like this that has stifled legitimate steroid research that could be benefiting millions.

I wish Jared would come to this site, start a Waterbury program, stop eating so many damned sandwiches and become something impressive. Then his appearence on my tv won’t send me into outer earth orbit.

I thought you might like this

[quote]Dr. Ryan wrote:
I thought you might like this[/quote]

Awesome stuff Doc.

Normally I hate Boflex commercials but they’ve got this one with a teacher who used to be obese. He says something like, “Well yeah there are guys out there who got thin eating a bunch of sandwitches, but you don’t see them taking their shirts off on TV!”