Japan's Supplement Laws

Hey Fellas,

I’m leaving for Japan in 2 weeks, and want to know if anyone is familiar with their laws. I was going to bring in Metabolic Drive, Plazma, MAG-10, Cucurmin, Indigo-3G, HOT-ROX, and maybe some Flameout.

I am leaving for a one month military tour there to do some work and want to slam out a nice little fat loss phase starting now, but I’m not sure if I’ll get in trouble if I bring those in a bag. The airline doesn’t charge for extra bags, so I could have a “supplement bag” with those things.

My current research shows that only prohormones, obviously gear, and ephedrine based supplements are illegal. I just wanted to see if anyone here may be intimately familiar with the current laws.

Edit: The plan is to follow CT’s “Destroying Fat” workout along with Metabolic Pairings for circuit days. I imagine it will be a pain in the ass, hence the lengthy list of supplements. I think it’s a solid plan, but I can’t initiate it in jail :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all.


If it is only a months supply you’ll probably be ok…

No experience bringing stuff with me, but I have ordered plenty of things and have not had a problem. Ten plus pounds of protein at once and yohimbine have made it to my home safely.

Thanks Sutebun! That’s kinda the direction my research points, but I just wanted to get a more “local” perspective. Much appreciated!

Anyway, you will probably want to contact somebody at the embassy. I know they are pretty strict about prescriptions, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask someone who would know.

I’ve flown all over (Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada, etc.) and never had a problem with supplements. I’ve even brought my BCAAs, MAG-10, Anaconda, etc in separate little baggies for 3-4 weeks at a time. I had some concern with it just being baggies of white powder and having 20+ of these, but no problems at all.

I thought at worst case scenario, I couldn’t get into trouble b/c eventually they’d have to test them. I did have to throw away my beef jerky and ALMOST my homemade trail mix in Australia though. That really sucked throwing around $40-50 worth of that lol.

why no just ship it to yourself, “care package”

When I was there, I never had any issues bringing supplements in my suitcase or ordering them from outside Japan, so you should have no problem.